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30 May 2010

Team B 5th Stage [Theater no Megami] Review

Two down, one more to go. Team B's new Stage started on 21 May 2010. Awesome stage, though just falling short of K6. maybe after more listens it will beat K6.

Team B 5th STAGE [Theater no Megami]
OPRomance KakurenboロマンスかくれんぼRomance Hide and SeekZenza Girls (Solo)
M01Yuuki no Hammer勇気のハンマーHammer of CourageTeam B
M02Inseki no Kakuritsu隕石の確率Chance of MeteoriteTeam B
M03Ai no Stripper愛のストリッパーStripper of LoveTeam B
M04Theater no Megamiシアターの女神Goddesses of the TheaterTeam B
M05Hatsukoi yo, Konnichiwa初恋よ、こんにちはFirst Love, HelloWatanabe, Sato S., Oku
M06Arashi no Yoru ni wa嵐の夜にはIn an Evening StormMiyazaki Komori, Suzuki, Sato N.
M07CANDY~キャンディー-Kasai, Sato A., Masuda
M08Locker room boyロッカールームボーイ-Kitahara, Ishida, Kobayashi, Hirajima, Chikano
M09Yokaze no Shiwaza夜風の仕業Act of the Night WindKashiwagi
M10100 meter Conbini100メートルコンビニ100 Meter Convenience StoreTeam B
M11Suki Suki Suki好き 好き 好きLove Love Love / Like Like LikeTeam B
M12Sayonara no KanashibariサヨナラのカナシバリGoodbye's ParalysisTeam B
M13Shiokaze no Shoudaijou潮風の招待状Invitation of the Sea BreezeTeam B
EC1Honest Manネオストマン-Team B
EC2Team B OshiチームB推しTeam B FavouriteTeam B
EC3Bokutachi no Kami Hikouki僕たちの紙飛行機Our Paper AirplaneTeam B
* Zenza girls will perform at the beginning of every Stage. This time the song is a solo. Member varies at each performance.
* Bolded girls are the center.

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OP - Romance Kakurenbo
   The song is really good. I like ballads like this. The speaking part is a little awkward at first, but eventually I got used to it. Shimada Haruka has a nice voice but it could be improved on. I like the idea of promoting the kenkyuuseis, but giving them a solo song is too much! Some of the best singers don't even have a solo song yet and their giving them to Kenkyuuseis... And if they really had to give the kenkyuuseis a solo, why must it be better than Yukirin's solo?! Yeah I much prefer this solo over Yukirin's solo.

M00 - Overture

M01 - Yuuki no Hammer
   AKB Mining Equipment, coming to a cave near you! The starting of the song is actually the chorus but sung very very deeply, kinda strange but it gets better after that. The song is good but there's nothing special about it. I was hoping for a song that can get the crowd going like Shonichi or RESET etc. maybe after more listens it will get better. The coats their wearing are horrible and way too shiny for my liking. Good that they will be gone after this.

M02 - Inseki no Kakuritsu
   Yes! They get out off those horrible coats to reveal the costume for the next song, a simple yet detailed red dress. The chorus is really really catchy! I can listen to it the whole day. The whispering part is cute too! One of my favourite songs from B5.

M03 - Ai no Stripper
   Nice title. Another one of my favourites in the stage. Really catchy. Yuka and Kitarie sexy pose at the start was wow. Despite the title, the dance isn't really sexy except for a few moves. And I really love the mini dance off in the middle.

M04 - Theater no Megami
   Cheerleader outfits? Goddesses are cheerleaders? LOL. A fun and happy song but I'm not really into it. Kinda generic for me. I expected much more from the title song. Maybe with more listens it would grow on me. Oh and maa's costume...... I don't think that needed to be covered up...

M05 - Hatsukoi yo, Konnichiwa
   This is actually my favourite unit song of the stage. And I'm not really that into any of the 3 girls performing. I don't really like Mayu's solo voice but for this song it was actually good. The only unit song that I was able to like on first listen. The whole song is good, even the speaking parts. The outfits are kinda cute too. I especially love the part where they sit on the raised portion of the stage.

M06 - Arashi no Yoru ni wa
   I love how they used of the blinds at the start. And nice use of the red sofa too. The song is really upbeat. Myao is really a good singer and dancer. The rest of the girls aren't so bad either. Yep including Komorin, whose is considered to be the worst dancer in AKB by many. She didn't look so bad here, plus wow I didn't know she had such a voice! Same for Nacchi, this song really used her voice well. Maybe after more listens this song will overtake Hatsukoi yo, Konnichiwa as my favourite Unit song in B5/

M07 - CANDY~
   OMG this song is just filled with cute! There isn't anything about this song that isn't cute. The song is cute, costumes are cute, the mic stands are cute, and the girls are cute, the dance is cute too! I was a little worried when I saw the lineup because I didn't know how Yuka would fit in with the Amina and Chiyuu, but all went well. All the girls voices went well with each others and no one really overpowered anyone. And the lollipop at the end was cute! Song wise I didn't really like it on first few listens, but I guess the cuteness overwhelmed me. Did I mention this song is cute?

M08 - Locker room boy
   The "leftover girls" unit. And also my least favourite unit song. The chorus is good but the rest of the song is easily forgettable. The lacrosse was a nice touch. Nice how they "played" lacrosse during the song.

M09 - Yokaze no Shiwaza
   Yukirin gets a solo!!! About time. So now all the Team Captains have a solo. Yukirin's voice fits beautifully in it. However her song is pretty boring. It's a really really slow and calming song. I guess it's one of those songs which you have to understand the lyrics to understand it fully. So I won't go on about it until I see the lyrics and translation. 

M10 - 100 meter Conbini
   Eurobeat! I really love Japanese Eurobeat songs (did that make any sense?)! Very addictive and fun. My only disappointment is that I'm not satisfied with the costumes. Seriously this is a song where multi coloured costumes, like those used in Dokugumo and Okera in K6 would work very well because of all the flashing lights and stuff but they wore black and white.

M11 - Suki Suki Suki
   A good cute song, and the chorus is addictive. My favourite part is the last line of the chorus, a duet by Yukirin and Chiyuu / Suuchan and Myao. The song takes a sudden change during the second instrumental. Kinda weird there.

M12 - Sayonara no Kanashibari
   I don't like this song. It ruins the mood set by the previous two songs. The chorus fine. I like the parts of the dance where they freeze up like a doll. But other than those I don't like this song.

M13 - Shiokaze no Shoudaijou
   A sweet song but too boring for me. Maybe it's another of those lyrics songs. The costumes are nice and pretty which make up for the boring song.

EC1 - Honest Man
   A nice upbeat song again. The chorus is nice and catchy. Mayuyu's hat is horrible, other than that I love the costumes, especially the shiny skirts. Something different for a change

EC2 - Team B Oshi
   The most awesome song of this Stage. Seriously this song is WIN. It's kinda like 16nin Shimai no Uta and Wasshoi B joined together. Each of the girls say a short phrase or movement during their few seconds, giving all the members a few seconds to shine. Very good concept. Another thing I noticed is the during the song the girls push each other, the most obvious is when Myao pushed Amina off the centre. It's part of the choreography but I want to know the meaning behind it.

EC3 - Bokutachi no Kami Hikouki
  A less energetic but still fun song for the end of the Stage. This is actually my favourite song of B5. The choreography is simple but still nice to watch. And I just love the chorus. In the second half, they bring out pizza boxes with paper airplanes in it lol. Each paper plane has handwritten message by the girls, which they throw at the the audience. I love how AKB always manages to give back to the wotas. My only disappointment is that Amina is the only one without over-knee socks.

   You can really see the difference between K6 and B5 stages one the first set ends. Team K is full of great dancing, while Team B dances aren't really that wild except for Arashi no Yoru ni wa. Their more of the dances which everyone can do and have fun doing. B5 is a great stage, but it could have been better


Fish said...

Team B Oshi is a win xD

Yanki☆Mina said...

Everyone says K6 is better but I was bored. not knowing Japanese is most likely the problem. i just like listening to and watching these more.

Melos125 said...

Fish> Yep Team B Oshi is WIN. One of the best songs that they have given us for a long time.

Yanki> Everyone has different preferences.

Anonymous said...

Yup the hat is a horrible furry contraption!!

And this is just my personal opinion but Wasshoi! B is still unbeatable!!

Fish said...

I didn't relli like Amina's voice in other songs before, but her voice is totally perfect with CANDY. And also for tomomi, I just love kasai's expression in this song!
And ya! Surprisingly Yuka fits well in this unit!!

I think this is my favorite unit song for the year xD

Shar said...

I think a better comparison with Team B Oshi is actually Morning Musume's Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari (Noisy Girl's Story). In fact, that's probably where they got the inspiration for 16nin Shimai no Uta and Wasshoi B in the first place.