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17 August 2011

DiVA 3rd Single [Cry] 1st week sales + Review

The week is over for DiVA's latest single [Cry]. How did it fare? Well not that good compared to the rest of the OOO48 groups and subunits. It currently has the weakest 1st week sales of all the current subunits. Even SDN48, the group with the 2nd lowest sales, managed to sell more in it's 1st day.

DiVA has the disadvantage of being the least idol type group, having a style that is just not what most wota want. Also they lack the help of having a super frontgirl. For example No Sleeves has Takamina and Kojiharu, Warota has Mayuyu, French Kiss has Yukirin and Not Yet has Yuko.

Does this subunit have hope? We will see in their next single.

Well here's my review of the single.

"Cry, Cry, Cry" - DiVA's 2nd single and it's definitely a must listen. The song uses heavy guitar music which really gives justice to the vocals of all the four members. The chorus of Cry is indeed very addictive but the solos of the members does not disappoint us either. The fans will be very delighted with the solo arrangement of their oshimen.

No Way Out
Ah, next we have a very disco/jazz track from DiVA, which oddly reminds of Mika Nakashima. No Way Out has a very jazz like music which is something new from the group but a refreshing change.

Chika Suido (地下水道)
My favorite B-side. Why? Because I felt that this track was where the powerful vocals of the members shines specially during the chorus. A fast paced track, Chika Suido really showed the power that is DiVA.

Maria (Team K Cover)
This song was from their Team K's 3rd stage [Nounai Paradise] (though it is a mystery to me why they covered the original version), which was also sung by Yuka and Umechan during the 3rd stage so the vocals and arrangement are basically the same.

Maria (DiVA Ver.)
This version sounded more like a slow-paced remix version of the original. The music arrangement of this version are simpler with an acoustic guitar being used instead of an electric guitar that is used in their original cover. Though the song is arranged to fit your typical DiVA style, I'd rather stick to the original but the arrangements were very well done.

Cry to me was an upgrade from Tsuki no Uragawa. While their first single established the subunits right to their group name and the members as true divas, this single further helped to show how powerful this AKB subunit can be. Let's just hope when new members are added, the group will reach even newer heights with their music.

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