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03 August 2011

Hana Kimi 2011 ratings suffer a huge drop

Bad news for the 2 prime time dramas that AKB members are in.

Let's start with the most drastic one. Hanazakari no Kimitachi e 2011, which stars the lovely Maeda Atsuko as the lead girl Ashiya Mizuki. The show also includes fellow AKB48 members Kashiwagi YukiIchikawa MioriOba Mina and Nagao MariyaAKB48's latest single Flying Get is used as the theme song of the drama.

 Drama  Episode 1  Episode  Episode  Episode  Average 
Hanazakari no Kimitachi e 2011
Ikemen desu ne
Zettai Reido 2
Bull Doctor

The show's rating's on it's 1st episode weren't spectacular, only 10.1% which is quite average for a prime time drama. However it fell down drastically on the 2nd episode, down to 6.0%. Ratings managed to pull up by 1.9% to 7.9% for it's 3rd episode, but dropped yet again in the latest episode to an all time low of 5.5%. Out of all the prime time dramas currently airing, Hana Kimi 2011 has the lowest rating by a landslide.

But why? Some of the reasons I've seen on the net are incorrect casting (especially of the guys), a very rushed plot, storyline or scenes not making sense, or that it just doesn't live up to the original. Indeed when I watched the first 3 episodes, it pales in comparison. The episodes weren't as funny or as interesting. The acting was fine so that wasn't the problem. Maybe it was just too early to make a remake of such a highly regarded drama.

Nevertheless, it really has to buck up on the next episode. a rating of 5.5% is really really low for a prime time drama and the people investing their money on the drama will not be pleased. The drama could have it's timeslot moved back, an episode or two cut, worst case scenario is that the drama gets it's plug pulled completely. Hopefully that doesn't happen because I wanna see where this new plot goes. A low rating will also damage Acchan's acting reputation.

Next up is Ikemen desu ne, with Kojima Haruna as NANA. Not a main character but her role isn't minor either. The drama had average ratings too of 10.9% when it started, and managed to raise it just ever slightly by 0.1%. It dropped 2.7% however on it's 3rd episode to 8.3%. It still has time to catch up though. Since I haven't watched the show due to time constraints, I can't comment on it sorry.

And now looking at the opposite end of the spectrum, the top rated drama of the season is Zettai Reido 2 which started out at 15.4% and it's current ratings are 13.1%. Bull Doctor comes in at 2nd, starting at 13.9%. Even after a drop down to 10.8%, it managed to regain it's rankings back to 13.8% for the latest episode. Not surprisingly, both of them are crime/suspense related. Will the danso dramas stand a chance against them?

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