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01 August 2011

Itano Tomomi Diagnosed with Vocal Cord Nodules

AKB48's (original) Kami7 member and solo debut specialist Itano Tomomi has revealed on her blog that she is diagnosed with Vocal Cord Nodules. That post has now been deleted but arsencoffee managed to screencap and translate it in time.

Translation by: arsencoffee
For around 1 month, I thought my voice has gotten hoarse…
But turns out I get vocal cord nodules.
It feels like a bean grows at my vocal cord.
I’m afraid whether this could heal soon or not.
At any rate, I’m going to take a rest.

At rest, vocal cords lie apart, forming a "V" shaped opening. To make sounds, the vocal cords come together and produce sound by vibration. Vocal cord nodules are bumps on the vocal cords which prevent the 2 vocal cords from closing completely and thus the extra air escapes and makes the voice hoarse and breathy. The bumps are created by excessive stressing of the vocal cords, and thus singers are among those at the highest risk.

Depending on how advanced the nodules are, it can be cured naturally by just not speaking much for a few weeks, but if it's a big growth and you use your voice for you profession then it's to the operating room. Vocal cord nodules can be removed through surgery but it can hamper your ability to sustain notes and decrease your vocal range.

In Tomochin's case, surgery is most likely not an option so she has to rest her voice, which is a problem because AKB's national tour has just kicked off today and there are a few handshake events in the coming weeks. Her 2nd solo single Fui Ni is still high in promotions too.

Take a look at the following video to learn more about the vocal cord and vocal cord nodules.

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