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02 August 2011

NMB48 2nd gen 1st stage [PARTY ga Hajimaru yo] shonichi

On the latest episode of SKE48/NMB48's TV show Star Hime Sagashi Taro, details have been announced of the NMB48 2nd generation members 1st show shonichi (opening day). The shonichi will be on August 13th 2011.

The 16 members that will perform in the shonichi are as follows. Take note that these 16 members are not Team M. However it is safe to say at least half of these girls will eventually be part of Team M in the future. Changes to the lineup are possible and to be expected.

From right to left,
Top Row: Jo Eriko, Kodakari Yuuka, Azuma Yuki, Tanigawa Airi, Yogi Keira, Shimada Rena, Ishida Yuumi, Murakami Ayaka
Bottom Row: Takano Yui, Fujita Runa, Okada Risako, Takiyama Akane, Yagura Fuuko, Murase Sae, Hayashi Momoka, Otani Riko

And the stage that they will be performing, unexpectedly, is the dreaded
TEAM A 1st Stage [PARTY ga Hajimaru yo]
チームA 1st StagePARTYが始まるよ

Yes, the same stage that was performed also by Team K, Team S, and finally SKE48 Kenkyuusei for their first stages. This makes it the 5th time the A1 stage is performed. Honestly do they not get bored of it? I know I am. I guess it is a easy stage to learn and perform. Beginners level you could say. And from what I see in Star Hime Sagashi Taro, the 2nd gen's dancing isn't really that great. So I guess they are playing it safe.

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