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12 August 2011

Watarirouka Hashiritai7 [Hetappi Wink] 1st week sales + review

On the first day, the single sold at only about 30k copies, which is quite bad considering it is a AKB48 subunit group. So at the one week mark, the single has now sold about 80k units, coming in #2 on the Oricon Weekly Charts to KAT-TUN with 150k sales.

My my. Is the subunit slipping? Their last single, Valentine Kiss, came in at #2 as well, but it had about 95k sold in the 1st week of its release. Also, this sales figure is kinda similar to what Tomochin had for her 2nd single, FuiniAKB48 subunit DiVA released their 2nd single, Cry, on this very week too, but it didnt too well, with only 35k units sold on its first day.

So what is your take on this? I feel that the constant week-to-week releases might have been one factor to why the sales for them are not doing so well. Fans might want to support these release, but may have to hold on to that thought as their budgets might be tight. Perhaps that's something the management might want to think about and work out.

Here is my take on the single:

Hetappi Wink (へたっぴウィンク)
Warota7's newest single A-side is yet another bubble-gum pop song in which the main focus is love. At first listen, the song can seem dull for it lacks the flamboyance characteristic of the group's earlier singles. However, this song does have its merits. Firstly, the line distribution is fair in that Mayuyu does not hog up all the solo lines; the girls also have an opportunity to display their vocal talent with this A-side. Secondly, the pre-choruses are also pretty catchy, more so than the chorus itself. Mikapon, who is not known to be an amazing singer, carried herself very well through the lines. It has also been awhile since I've heard Wasamin hit high notes; I feel joy from the very fact that such talent is showcased so clearly.

Mamma, Grazie! (マンマ、グラッチェ!)
The group's second celebratory song in the vain of their last single A-side, [Valentine Kiss]. The combination of a high-energy tune and fun, heartwarming lyrics makes this the perfect track for AKB48's cutest sub-unit; listeners can vicariously feel the girls' love and gratitude toward their mothers through the song's vivacity. This track works well as the single's main B-side as it was good enough to have been released as a digital single 3 months ago on Mother's Day.

Bikini wa Niawanai (ビキニは似合わない)
Does the tile not remind you of SKE48's [Pareo wa Emerald]? Just when you think that you've heard the last of this year's summery tunes from the 48 family, a song like this springs up as a B-side in a sub-unit's single. Still, I think that this song does a better job of recreating a beach-like image in the listeners' minds than the main groups' summer hits. A solid track.

Chikatetsu no Teddy boy (地下鉄のTeddy boy)
Another peppy B-side. A song with a chorus that is not necessarily catchy, but can become stuck in your head. Other than that, there is not much to say about this song. All I can think of is "teddy boy~".

Fuku wo Kita Ousama (服を着た王様)
Few of Warota7's songs deviate from the group's usual musical style, and this one is no different. However, this B-side is more rock-influenced and is reminiscent of songs from a certain Hello!Project sub-unit. The song ends off with the girls cheering their loved one on; I feel more optimistic now after listening to the track. Harugon herself thinks that this song would be a perfect crowd-pleaser if performed at concerts.

Mirai no Koibito (未来の恋人)
Why does Mayuyu receive all the old-school idol songs from Aki-P? Anyways, this is a step up from her last solo tune, [Yuuhi no Ijiwaru], which gives off this mellow vibe that causes it to become rather unmemorable. Although this track may sound highly repetitive to the ears of one who does not understand Japanese, it will remind you of older generation idols such as Matsuda Seiko and the women of Onyako Club. I am surprised that there is no video for this song; a production of a sequel to her previous solo track's PV would be nice.


The verdict:
After listening to all the above songs, I can say with confidence that this single leaves much to be desired. Unlike the other sub-units who can display a variety of musical styles, Warota7's cuteness causes them to become inflexible. Thus, none of the tracks in this single actually stand out because they are all expressed in the same manner: very happily and cheerfully. Still, I'm glad that this single does not contain stage song remakes; more original material makes the wota in me happy. Unless Warota7 is your favorite sub-unit, you may feel the same as I do.

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