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30 September 2011

AKB48 23rd Single [Kaze wa Fuiteiru] Full PV + Impressions

The dance version PV for AKB48's 23rd Single [Kaze wa Fuiteiru] has just been released!  The PV features a mostly monochrome color scheme and what looks to be kind of a post-apocalyptic or barren planet type of setting, as well as interesting headpieces for the girls.  Check it out!

kwf48 by kk231mj

I've already seen quite a number of less-than-enthusiastic responses to the PV preview, but personally, I'm ALL over this one, both the song and the PV.  The overall feel of the song gives me a sense of angst tempered with a hint of gentleness, which fits perfectly with my musical taste.  It has emotional intensity, but also the soft lilt of a ballad.  Given this character, I think the PV and the choreography in particular do a wonderful job of supporting the feel of the song.

The dancing is full of attitude, plenty of sharp and strong movements, not to mention dramatic angles and body shapes.  But at the same time those elements are interspersed and combined with softer ballet-like gestures.  The outfits themselves also embrace this contradiction, juxtaposing a flowing chiffon gown with dramatic headpieces.  Now... I think the headpieces actually look kind of weird, but I guess it's appropriate for the eerie type of setting they chose.

Speaking of which, it looks like they were going for a post-apocalyptic feel or something, given the bareness and the color scheme.  Everything is really quite simple, no set changes, no costume changes, just the girls dancing.  I personally love the simplicity of the set and costume design.  The choice of having all the girls wear flats (quite unusual for a girl idol group), is definitely interesting, but I think fitting for the overall feel of the PV.

The thing I find most striking is how the lack of color and the extremely simple outfits with the bizarre headpiece all work to draw attention to the girls' faces.  And if you look closely, they're all very intense about their facial expressions, which I find interesting.  Maybe that's part of why I like this PV so much, is because you can see how much attitude the girls are putting into it.  Making everything simple seems to highlight the physicality of it.

The best part of the PV for me is the brief moment in the choreography when the girls actually make contact with each other.  For me, dancing in a group is all about making an overall organic form, which is why the closer the dancers interact, the more it comes alive for me.

I could wax poetic forever about this PV (so much that this is definitely the next dance I'm going to learn).  I feel like I might be in the minority, but I think even for those who don't like the song so much, it's definitely worth watching.  It's very different from AKB48's previous PV's, and I think that in itself is a reason to at least give it a go.

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