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17 September 2011

Itano Tomomi recovers

Last month, Itano Tomomi was diagnosed with vocal cord nodules, making her voice a little hoarse when she was singing. She took a short break from singing activities for a while and we're glad to hear from her that the vocal cord nodules have managed to cure itself over time. Here's Tomochin's blog entry about the announcement.

Original entry,
Translated by Gator Yoong of blog48
2011-09-14 21:52:31
I have an announcement concerning today’s performance, the other day my throat condition was pretty bad and I took a little break from all jobs that involved singing
But, after my exam today, it looks like things are good, so starting today I would like to slowly come back.

I’m sorry for causing you all to worry.

Please continue looking after me in the future!

Itano Tomomi


From now onwards, Tomochin will slowly be returning to her singing activities, so as not to overstress her vocal cords too much. It was incredible that she has made such a speedy recovery without the need for surgery (Yuko had a throat surgery back around 2007ish? and took a few months to recover fully). Hopefully none of the other OOO48 members get vocal cord nodules too, or any other illness for that matter.

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