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10 November 2011

Because You Were There for Me: Takahashi Minami

From Shukan Asahi interview series, here's a story about how Team A's Takahashi Minami (Takamina) wish to become a mother just like her mother in the future and the reason why she is working so hard to realize her dream of become a solo singer.

Someday, I Want to Raise My Children Just Like My Mother.
Translated by mammothb

The reason I entered AKB48 was due to my mother's influence. When my mother was young, she aimed to become a singer, and she has entrusted that dream to me. I suffered a lot because of that when I was a kid, so I thought, "As if I will become a singer!" Therefore, when we go to karaoke as a family, I was the only person who didn't sing. But after I entered middle school, I decided to try singing when I went karaoke with my friends and I was praised by my friends, saying that I am very good at singing. I was honestly very happy to hear that. And for the first time, rather than saying that I understood my mother's feelings or intentions, I felt that maybe being a singer wasn't as bad as I thought. Though I took some detours along the way, I ended up aiming to become a singer just like my mother. Looks like the singer dream runs in the family.(laughs)

Sometimes, I still quarrel with my mother. Because, whenever I said I felt tired, my mother will immediately say, "Why don't you quit (AKB48)? Though you are something like a captain, do you gain anything from it?" So I will rebut and say, "Just what do you know, mom!?" Although I say that, I know that she understands what I'm going through, and I always understand that she's just worried about me. My dream is to ultimately become a solo singer, my mother knows that and sometimes when I'm feel troubled, she'll say, "Are you doing what you really want to do?" She also feels worred for me and tells me "Don't force yourself." I think she probably is worried that I'll overstrain myself, that's why she created various ways out for me.

Although my mother like to attend gatherings, she will never go out for any gathering organized by both her friends and company whenever I'm at home. I'm already 19, so I tell her, "Don't worry about me, just go and have fun~" But my mother feels that it's unthinkable to leave her children at home and go out to have fun herself, so she refused to listen to my advice. Instead of saying she's very strict with herself, my mother is very stubborn.

Some time ago, I was told by one of the AKB48 member, "Takamina is very strict with herself and very stubborn." If I'm really like they described, it's probably because I inherited my mother's character. But I don't have the confidence to say that I'll be able to devote my life for my children like my mother.

I think the reason why my mother is devoting her life for her children could be due to her family background. When my mother was little, her father passed away due to illness. So my mother and her brother were brought up single-handedly by my grandmother. I think that was no mean feat, my grandmother worked from morning to night, and sacrificed her own enjoyment and always put her children's enjoyment at top priority. I think my mother probably followed my grandmother's example after watching her work so hard everyday. Even though she didn't say anything, I think my mother is raising us in the same way as my grandmother did for her as a way to show gratitude and respect toward my grandmother.

Right now, I'm part of AKB48, at the same time I am also working hard to realize my dream of becoming a solo singer. I think that's the only way to repay my mother, who has been providing me support. Recently, I have another goal, when I become a mother in the future, I want to be able to raise my kids just like how my mother and grandmother did. I think that is also a way to repay my mother. I also want to pass down the motherly love which was passed down from my grandmother and mother to my children. I think by doing that I will be able to put across my gratitude for mother which is unable to be described by mere words.

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