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15 November 2011

Team Ogi Matsuri 2011 - Set list

Today was the start of the 2 day Team Ogi Matsuri concert, specially for the members of the Ogi Prodution agency.

Members of Ogi Production are:
No Sleeves: Kojima Haruna, Takahashi Minami, Minegishi Minami
Watarirouka Hashiritai 7: Watanabe Mayu, Oota Aika, Nakagawa Haruka, Hiraijima Natsumi, Kikuchi Ayaka, Komori Mika
AKB48: Nonaka Misato, Matsubara Natsumi
SDN48: Urano Kazumi

Iwasa Misaki, who is part of Watarirouka Hashiritai 7, transferred to Nagara Production on March this year. She still attended the Ogi Matsuri as a "Guest". Other guests include Futoshi from Aqua Timez, and Korean boy band SHINee.

Held on the 15th and 16th, the 1st day of the concert was also the date of Minegishi Minami's 19th birthday. The encore call was a "Miichan" call, and white lightsticks flooded the hall. A cake was also presented to her during the song [Namida Surprise].

 - No Sleeves will release a single, their 8th, on December 28th. The title of the single is [Pedicure DAY] (べディキュアDAY).

Team Ogi Matsuri 2011
Team Ogi 祭 2011

Date: 15 ~ 16 November
Location: Tokyo Dome City hall

M00 - Overture (Ogi ver)
M01 - Kuchibiru Furezu (No Sleeves)
M02 - Kimishika (No Sleeves)
M03 - Bus Stop (No Sleeves)
M04 - Kanpeki Guu~no ne (Watarirouka Hashiritai)
M05 - Fuku wo Kita Ousama (Watarirouka Hashiritai 7)
M06 - Kibou Sanmyaku (Watarirouka Hashiritai 7)
M07 - Gomen ne, Jewel (Takahashi Minami, Nonaka Misato, Minegeshi Minami, Iwasa Misaki)
M08 - Pajama Drive (Kojima Haruna, Nakagawa Haruka, Hiraijima Natsumi)
M09 - Confession (Matsubara Natsumi, Kikuchi Ayaka, Komori Mika, Urano Kazumi)
M10 - Nantai Renai Kuragekko (Watanabe Mayu)
M11 - Senaka kara Dakishimete (Takahashi Minami, Minegishi Minami, Kojima Haruna, Iwasa Misaki, Hirajima Natsumi, Nakagawa Haruka)
M12 - {Rumiko Koyanagi} Seto no Hanayome (Iwasa Misaki)
M13 - {Aqua Timez} Niji (Takahashi Minami, Kojima Haruna, Minegeshi Minami, Nonaka Misato)(Guest: Futoshi)
M14 - Kagami no Naka no Jeanne de Arc (Iwasa Misaki, Matsubara Natsumi, Komori Mika, Urano Kazumi, Nonaka Misato)
M15 - Kossetsu no Yatsu (Watarirouka Hashiritai 7)
M16 - Hashiritai GO!GO!GO! (Watarirouka Hashiritai)
M17 - Bye Bye Bye (Matsubara Natsumi, Komori Mika, Nonaka Misato)
M18 - Relax! (No Sleeves)
M19 - Answer (No Sleeves)
M20 - Heart Gata Virus (No Sleeves)
-----ANNOUNCEMENT: No Sleeves to release a new single on 28 December [Pedicure DAY]-----
M21 - Everyday, Kachuusha (all)
M22 - Aitakatta (all)

-----ENCORE (Minegishi Minami call)-----
EN1 - Namida Surprise
-----MC6: Minegeshi Minami 19th Birthday Celebration-----
EN2 - Watashi wa Watashi (Minegishi Minami)
EN3 - Oogoe Diamond (all)

M01 - Hetappi Wink (Watarirouka Hashiritai 7)
M02 - Valentine Kiss (Watarirouka hashiritai 7)
M03 - Kiss no Ryuusei (No Sleeves)
M04 - Junai no Crescendo (No Sleeves)
M05 - Answer (No Sleeves)
M06 - Tsundere (Oota Aika, Hirajima Natsumi, Kikuchi Ayaka)
M07 - Himawari (Iwasa Misaki, Matsubara Natsumi, Nakagawa Haruka, Nonaka Misato)
M08 - Wagamama na Nagareboshi (Kojima Haruna, Komori Mika)
M09 - Blue Rose (Urano Kazumi, Takahashi Minami, Minegeshi Minami, Watanabe Mayu)
M10 - Kibou Sanmyaku (Watarirouka Hashiritai 7)
M11 - Girls Talk (No Sleeves)
M12 - Bye Bye Bye (No Sleeves)
M13 - Neko Damashi (Watarirouka Hashiritai)
M14 - Seishun no Flag (Watarirouka Hashirtai)
M15 - {AKBIdoling!!!} Chuu Shiyou ze! (No Sleeves, Nonaka Misato, Matsubara Natsumi)(Guest: Yokoyama Rurika, Kawamura Yui)
-----MC5: Hiramatsu Airi on stage-----
M16 - Iinjyanai (Urano Kazumi, Matsubara Natsumi, Nonaka Misato)(Guest: Hiramatsu Eri, Yokoyama Rurika, Kawamura Yui)
-----MC6: Domoto Kyoudai Corner-----
M17 - {Ushirogami Hikaretai} Toki no Kawa wo Koete (Watarirouka Hashiritai 7)(Guest: Ikuina Akiko)
M18 - {Ushirogami Hikaretai} Hora ne, Haru ga Kita (Watarirouka Hashiritai 7)(Guest: Ikuina Akiko)
-----MC7: Asakura Daisuke on stage-----
M19 - {Koizumi Kyoko} Nantetatte Idol (Watanabe Mayu)(Guest: Asakura Daisuke)
M20 - {Koizumi Kyoko} Yoake no MEW (Watanabe Mayu)(Guest: Asakura Daisuke)
M21 - Kuchibiru Furezu... (No Sleeves)
-----MC8: Makihara Noriyuki and Katou Izumi on stage-----
M22 - {Makihara Noriyuki} Donna Toki mo (all)(Guest: Hiramatsu Eri, Yokoyama Rurika,  Makihara Noriyuki, Katou Izumi, Asakura Daisuke)
M23 - OgiPro Kyoudai (all)(Guest: Hiramatsu Eri, Yokoyama Rurika,  Makihara Noriyuki, Katou Izumi, Asakura Daisuke)
M24 - Oogoe Diamond (all)
-----Ariyoshi AKB VTR-----

EN1 - Ponytail to Shushu (all)
EN2 - Everyday, Kachuusha (all) 

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