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27 December 2011

NMB48 Kenkyuusei Otani Riko to Graduate

As announced in the NMB48 Theatre, 2nd Generation Kenkyuusei Otani Riko will graduate from NMB48. The reason given is that she wants to focus on her studies. The graduation date has not been announced yet.

Another 2nd Generation member, Takiyama Akane, just graduated from NMB48 a few days ago on December 22 for the same reasons and now we have another NMB48 graduation.

I wonder what is happening with NMB48's 2nd Generation. They aren't featured much and instead of moving forward, the members now start to graduate.

Anyways, I wish Riko all the best for the future.

Otani Riko Graduation Message
translated by Miss Moonlight
I have an important announcement to make.

I, Otani Riko, will graduate from NMB48. I am really sorry to everyone who supported me all the time since our appearance at TCD Hall in June until now. Since the audition, repeatedly I felt conflicts inside me. Every time that happened I remembered that I was chosen among so many applicants and that I was able to meet you all, and thinking ‘Alright, let’s do my best’ I worked hard.

I am a 3rd year junior high school student, so I had a big wall called ‘exam’ in front of me. I thought I could balance it with my activities in NMB48, but going to the senior high school I want to go to is difficult while balancing both activities and I could not completely give up on going to the high school I want to go to.

I was able to make a lot of experiences, like meeting with you all as an NMB48 member or things normal girls cannot experience and things that you just don’t know unless you enter (the group).

The theatre shows as an NMB48 member where I had fun with all of you, the handshake events where I could meet a lot of people, those were a great time. Thank you.

I am also really thankful to the staff who supported NMB48. I think that I was able to come this far thanks to you all and to all the members. Thank you very much.
Original Message

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