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19 January 2012

Iwasa Misaki [Mujineki] Full Radio Rip + Short PV

Iwasa Misaki's solo debut [Mujineki] was played in full on All Night Nippon recently!  And a preview of the PV has also been released!

Radio rip: Mujineki begins at 9:27

It is absolutely beautiful in all the ways I am able to find a piece of vocal music beautiful.  The composition of the song itself is lovely, even if it's fairly typical of a modern enka style song.  And Wasamin's voice... oh my goodness, her voice... it sounds amazing!!  She has a wonderful wonderful alto voice, and the low range of this song really shows that off.  Plus, the amount of vocal control she has in this range is really commendable, she manages to pull of just the right amount of subtle vibrato, so it doesn't sound like she's having a seizure, just enough to give the longer notes a bit of momentum and resonance.

No, seriously, this is amazing.  I just wonder how many other amazing altos exist in AKB48 but are forced to squeak their voices out of their natural ranges and just end up sounding screechy (which is what Wasamin sometimes sounds like to me when she has to sing in the usual AKB48 vocal range).  She needs to keep going with this, this style, this voice range, everything... it is soooo beautiful, and I have not been so much in love with anything from any of the pop groups I follow in a very long time.

PV preview:

As for the PV, it really goes with the song so well, both in terms of the literal sense of the song subject but also the mood.  Of course, it's enka, so it's not like there's a whole lot going on, but it's very soothing and she's very pretty to look at.

The release is scheduled for February 1st 2012 and yours truly is totally going to be getting this regardless of how broke I am, because I want this to continue so much!!

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