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05 January 2012

Oba Mina is Reinstated as Team 4 Captain

During Team 4's January 4th stage show, Oba Mina marked her return to AKB48 after a long suspension following a scandal. Minarun was also officially reinstated as captain of Team 4, taking back the reins from temporary captain Shimada Haruka.

Back then in early September 2011, Minarun was caught in a scandal involving things she wrote and posted in the past on a blog. You can read more about it here. The eventual result was that she proposed a suspension as well as resignation from the position of Team 4's captain, and the management accepted it. There was no set date for when the suspension would end. During this period, management decided that Haruu would be the temporary captain of Team 4 until Minarun returned. In mid November 2011, it was announced at a handshake session that Minarun would return to AKB48 in January 2012.

Here is the comment from her at the end of the show when it was announced that she would be reinstated:
Firstly, I would like to say sorry that I was not able to apologize until the end of the show. In September 2011, when I offered myself for suspension, I have caused a lot of inconvenience to all those who supported AKB because of my selfish actions. I am really sorry. And then, to the seniors who made AKB, everyone in Team 4, everyone of the kenkyuusei, I am aware of the fact that I have caused trouble and I am really really sorry.

Because Akimoto-sensei allowed me to become active again in AKB starting today, 4th January, I believe that this is a chance in my career to work diligently, from today I will cherish every single second to repay...this word might be weird maybe...make amends....I don't know what would be the right word but I think that the only thing I can do is to give my utmost best in everything I do.

I have really caused trouble to Team 4. Shimada was really helpful from start to finish. It is thanks to Shimada that I am able to return to captain, and it is also thanks to Shimada that I was able to become captain. I think this and nothing else.

From now on, I will combine my strength with Shimada to lead Team 4. From now on, please take care of us that is Team 4!

Being a huge Minarun fan myself, I am really happy that she has returned. I missed seeing her and hearing her voice so much and it feels like she was gone for so long. I am also glad that she has gotten back her position as the captain of Team 4.

At the same time, I do feel bad for Haruu being treated like a substitute by management. Even though it was said from the start that she was a temporary captain, it's probably quite hurtful to have to give up the position, especially for a team as new as Team 4.

In my opinion, they should never have had a temporary captain to avoid the hurt it would cause the girls and the fans. The Haruu fans were rooting for her to keep the position so they were angry about Minarun being reinstated. Honestly it was pretty much already decided and I wouldn't have expected any other outcome.

Fact is, having a temporary captain split up the fans of Team 4 into those who preferred Minarun and those who preferred Haruu. It also wasn't very kind to Haruu herself. What's more, is that we may not see it but Minarun will definitely have a hard time building up respect from her fellow teammates who were used to Haruu leading them and had already built up rapport over the past few months.

Whatever it is, I hope that Team 4 will get along well with each other. Congratulations to Minarun for her return to AKB48!

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