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22 February 2012

AKB48 [GIVE ME FIVE] first week sales + Review

The first week sales are out and naturally AKB48's [GIVE ME FIVE!] grabs the #1 spot with a huge sale of 1,287,217 copies in first week. This is AKB's 6th consecutive million sales and 12th consecutive #1! Congratulations AKB!

Also they have beaten [Ue kara Mariko]'s first week sales of 1,198,864. The group keeps breaking their own records again and again. The single started out with 900K not their usual million sales in one day but then compared to [Kaze wa Fuiteiru] this single sold more on the next few days beside the first day.

Now onto the review:

A new and fresh song from AKB or AKBand [Baby Blossom]. I'm glad that its not their usual Sakura ballads, the song still deals with graduation but is upbeat with members playing various instruments. For some reason, I find the trumpets use the best in this song.

Sweet & Bitter (スイート&ビター)
[Sweet & Bitter] is a valentines day song! But I found it more sweet than bitter. At first when I listened to it, I didn't really found it so special but after some time, the song has grown on me. I love the chorus and its a cute valentines song. I wasn't happy when Selection 6 was announced but the song is pretty good.

The Special Girls A's song has already won my heart through the PV. It welcomes JKT48 to 48 family and I thought the PV was amazing. If you like the usual AKB generic song, then this song is for you.

Hitsujikai no Tabi (羊飼いの旅)
The Special Girls B song is a ballad and a really beautiful ballad at that. The PV is gorgeous and the whole song makes me a bit emotional for some reason specially the chorus. Absolutely my favorite from this single.

Jung ya Freud no Baai (ユングやフロイトの場合)
When I first heard the title of this song, I thought it'd be something upbeat but turns out it is yet another ballad. This is also Nacchan and Yonechan's last song with AKB. The song sounds like a lullaby to me, though the part when the snare drums came in brought an interesting twist to the otherwise boring song. The lyrics is about wanting to be with the one you love so much that you do not wish to wake up from the dream. Therefore Jung and Freud are mentioned in the title and lyrics of the song, rather interesting I guess.

Overall: I am practically in love with the SG-A and B songs, GIVE ME FIVE is a refreshing Sakura song from the group too. A very fitting beginning of 2012 by the group in my opinion.

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