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05 March 2012

AKB48 Google+ CM Senbatsu Announced

It was previously mentioned on Akimoto Yasushi's Google+ page that AKB48 (and sister groups) members will star in commercials for Google+. For the past few days, he has been slowly revealing the Google+ Senbatsu members for the CM.

Yesterday, all 16 Google+ CM members have been revealed.

Matsumura Kaori  (SKE48)
Matsui Sakiko (AKB48)
Takajo Aki  (AKB48)
Katayama Haruka  (AKB48)
Yamaguchi Yuuki  (NMB48)
Nakamata Shiori  (AKB48)
Ishida Haruka  (AKB48)
Matsui Rena  (SKE48)
Suzuki Shihori  (AKB48)
Tanabe Miku  (AKB48)
Kuramochi Asuka  (AKB48)
Yamamoto Sayaka  (NMB48)
Nakagawa Haruka  (AKB48)
Kitahara Rie  (AKB48)
Yokoyama Yui  (AKB48)
Fujie Reina  (AKB48)

These 16 members will participate in commercials for Google. Additionally, only members aged 18 and above could be chosen. The song used in the CM will be included as a coupling for the next AKB48 single that will release sometime around May.

And today, the center for the Google+ CM was announced by AkiP to be Ishida Haruka. Congratulations! The member placements in the CM have also been revealed.


Matsui Rena, Kitahara Rie, Ishida Haruka, Takajo Aki, Yokoyama Yui
Fujie Reina, Kuramochi Asuka, Yamamoto Sayaka, Nakagawa Haruka, Matsui Sakiko
Suzuki Shihori, Matsumura Kaori, Katayama Haruka, Nakamata Shiori, Yamaguchi Yuuki, Tanabe Miku

Shooting for the commercial will commence on March 8th, currently the air date for the CM has not been revealed yet.

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