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04 April 2012

Maeda Atsuko's Video Message to Fans

On April 4th, 2012, newspapers carried a full-page advertisement that said, "Maeda Atsuko of AKB48 would like to tell fans something about the upcoming Senbatsu Election".  The ad had a google search box with her name and "g+" in it, and the bottom of the ad said, "Available today at 3pm".

At 3pm a youtube video was uploaded and posted on Maeda Atsuko's g+ - it is a 7-minute message from Maeda Atsuko, and in it she talked a little bit more about her feelings on graduating, as well as her decision to withdraw from this year's Senbatsu Election.

Here is the full translated message:

This is Maeda Atsuko from Team A of AKB48.
On March 25th, I announced my graduation from AKB48 at Saitama Super Arena.
As expected, I am very clumsy and not good at handling many things at once;
I am very disappointed in myself because of this, and I believe this has made all the members, staff and fans worry about me, as well as given them a lot of trouble.  However everyone has been great to me and I feel like I've been a spoilt child taking advantage of everyone's kindness.
I started thinking about graduation quite a while ago, but I didn't tell anyone except Takamina, a few other members and Akimoto-san.  These were not exactly realistic conversations, and I was really worried that if I am not in AKB anymore, what would be left of me?
We won the Record of the Year award last year; we have finally made it to the Tokyo Dome; we participated in NHK Kouhaku Utagassen; slowly but surely our dreams are becoming real, and it's time for the next step.  I'm sure every member is doing a lot of thinking about the future, and they will need all the chances they can get from AKB.  In order for this to happen, I have to work harder.
When I announced my graduation, I was very anxious in front of everyone, like I said, and I'm sure everyone is worried about whether I can be on my own, since until now I have always had members to depend on and always had this place called AKB for me to go back.  But I've made it this far and this is what I want to do.
I would be very happy if you could keep cheering for me.
Like I've been saying - at this point I haven't decided any details on my graduation, and I've been discussing the timing with everyone.  I would like to withdraw from the upcoming AKB Senbatsu Election, and I am sorry for any inconvenience caused.
I really wanted this message to come from myself, so I was given the chance to present it in this fashion.  I don't have a lot of time left as a member of AKB, but I will still be around after graduation.  I would be grateful if you would keep supporting me.  Moreover, please keep cheering for AKB48 with me.
Maeda Atsuko, out.

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