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09 May 2012

Sashihara Rino Debut Single [Soredemo Suki da yo] 1st Week Sales + Review

This week was Sashihara Rino VS Nogizaka46 with Nogizaka46 gaining #1 and Sasshi #2 with sales of 124,483 copies sold. Nogizaka on the other hand had a sale of 155,567 copies. Sasshi's theater edition sales was not counted as it contained 5 tracks and Oricon only considers singles with 4 songs as a proper single.

The theater edition sold around 12K and could have achieved a 136K weekly sakes but she still beat Mayuyu's [Synchro Tokimeki] by 1K. Mayuyu's first week sales is 123,237.

Soredemo Suki da yo

Upon first listen, you recognize right away that this is a song sung by an idol, cheerful, peppy, and full of raw energy. In the lyrics, Sasshi describes herself as an pessimistic girl lacking any charms whatsoever; but for the very sake of catching the eyes of her crush, she will put on a smile and turn into a bright and cute girl. The hook is undeniably catchy, and the most memorable part of this song is when Rino shouts 'suki da yo' at the top of her lungs.

Hatsukoi Hills

The main b-side of this single is another standard fare idol song. Compared to the title track, Hatsukoi Hills has a calmer and less rockfish melody. Though this track may sound rather generic the first few listens, it grows on you when set on repeat. The refrain is lovely and sugary sweet as Sashihara uses a more youthful and natural voice to sing her feelings.

Renai Sousenkyo

This is originally a song performed by all of YM7 to celebrate their victory over YJ7. The autotune is very obvious in this song, and you can tell that Sasshi is straining to hit those high notes. Her voice falls rather flat, and I don't think this song works very well when sung solo. Tune-wise, the instrumentals are nicely strung together, and the guitar work is also a pleasant additional touch.

Itoshiki Natasha

A nice change of pace from the rest of the single, Itoshiki Natasha is a rock number with a more mature and cool feel. Easily one of best stage songs performed by Sasshi. She may not be a standout singer, but is nonetheless a great entertainer who does well in infusing passion into her performances.

Yeah! Meccha Holiday

A cover of one of Matsuura Aya's hit songs. As we all know, Sasshi is known to be a big wota herself; she is fans of many idols, and especially admires idols groups such as Morning Musume. and C-ute from Hello!Project. I love that she is able to add her own special touch to this song. Tsunku, H!P's producer, is known for writing very wacky songs from his idols, and I believe this track fits perfectly with Sasshi's eccentric personality. This rendition of a nostalgic idol hit is really top Sashihara quality!

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