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21 August 2012

NMB48 5th Single [Virginity] 1st Week Sales + Review

EDIT: Added in the review

NMB48's 5th single [Virginity], released on August 8, has finished its first week with 315,205 copies sold. With this single, NMB48 reached the Number 1 spot in the Weekly Oricon charts, something they did not manage to do with the previous single [Nagiichi].

But even though the single ranked higher than [Nagiichi], sales went down. [Nagiichi] first week sales were 375,785 copies, which is about 60,000 copies more than [Virginity] sold.

We have seen some sales drop for recent subgroup releases but I did not think it would affect the big groups. I hope this is not a general trend. It's great that they are back to number one though.

Personally, I like the singles main song a lot. It is pretty catchy and while it is still a usual idols song it gives me some retro vibes sounding a bit like old idol songs. The only problem I have with this song are the lyrics. NMB48 had the topic of virginity and purity already in Junjou U-19 and while Junjou U-19 still told some kind of believable story, Virginity doesn't. I hope they dont stick to this line.

Mousou Girlfriend
This song is amazing. I think it is the most catchy song out of the single and it just screams "cuteness". The PV with the girls in cat outfits is great fanservice.

Bokura no Regatta
I am pretty disappointed about this single's Shirogumi song. It's rather boring and generic. What saves the song for me is the PV though. The girls are dressed up in historical dresses visiting a ball. It is unusual and the girls look amazing.

Sonzai shitenai Mono
Just like shirogumi's song, Akagumi's is another boring idol song. Usually Shirogumi and Akagumi have different sounding songs but this time they are quite similar. I would even say they are interchangeable. But again the PV saves it. It has an unusual concept showing the story backwards.

Sunahama de Pistol
And here we have the next boring song. I also don't like the vocals, personally I'd say they are weak. Additionally, the song and the PV where the girls look so fierce and badass just does not fit. But generally I welcome the idea of a new kind of unit. Ripopo as center gives her some nice exposure.

Chotto Nekoze
This song is predictable but still sounds like fun. It has a catchy chorus. One of the better b-sides in my opinion.

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