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13 October 2012

NMB48 Kenkyusei Togo Sora leaves NMB48

Yet another NMB48 member has decided to leave: 3rd Generation Kenkyuusei Togo Sora decided to withdraw from NMB48 to focus on her studies. This was announced on October 11 and the decision came into effect the same day.

This announcement came only one day after Team BII was announced, which Togo did not made. Togo is already the 4th NMB48 member to leave since September 28, following Jo Eriko, Fujita Runa and Ota Riona.

Togo Sora's Comment to her fans:
Original Message

At last...finally...
The time has come I have to tell you.

I, Kenkyuusei Togo Sora, will withdraw from NMB48 today.
Thank you a lot for all that love you always gave me, no matter what time.

I talked to my parents about it several times, and I have accepted it...
but now even at this moment my heart is shaking.

It's been about 5 months since I debuted as a 3rd generation member.
Maybe people think it's to early to come to a conclusion.

I was worried about not being able to get into any selections (senbatsu) among the 3rd generation members,
and painful days without hope continued.
I do understand too, that I am not the only one for who it is painful.

On one side I think that I want to continue chasing my dream as a member of NMB48 together with the others...and that I have to work hard..., on the other side, my parents, who were unable to just watch, told me "There are times when it doesn't work out no matter how hard you work. It's not like someone is at fault, you're just a bit out of luck." If you really want to fulfill your dream (in entertainment business), why don't you concentrate on your studies now, which you should as a junior high student primarily do, in order to broaden your field of vision?".  For some reasons, I was relieved about these words, and as a result of worrying, I decided to focus on my studies.

I am completely satisfied seeing the Team BII members who debuted yesterday. I don't have any regrets left about my work.

It's just...parting with you is hard...

You, who alway supported me, who was full of worries, you, who cheered me on heartily, or recently said to me "No matter if you get into a team or not. Sora is sora. I'll always support you".

Management suggested a "graduation show" for me. I think to a Kenkyuusei like me, who has nothing to "graduate" from, "withdraw from activities" is the best decision. Please forgive me, who decided it this way, my selfishness.

I made a lot of precious experiences and I spent a happy time.

I'll continue to always support NMB48.

You who supported me, the staff members, first of all the theater manager, who guided me, my senpai, the 3rd Generation members who were always with me...I am full of thankful feelings to them all.

Thank you a lot

Kenkyuusei Togo Sora

I don't know Togo well so I can't say much about her decision. I can only say: I just don't like to see so many girls leave.

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