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04 October 2012

Team M Member Fujita Runa quits NMB48

On October 3rd, it was announced that Fujita Runa, member of NMB48's Team M, will leave the group immediately. Her Google+ account and participation in the NMB48 blog will stop in a few days too.

Fujita Runa has been suffering from lower back/hip pain for a while because of which she had to reduce her work in NMB48 and now decided to quit completely.

Runa joined NMB48 as a 2nd Generation member in summer last year and also was an original member of Team M, formed in January this year. She is the third Team M member to leave, after Kodakari Yuuka and Jo Eriko.

Below is the translation of her message to the fans.

Fujita Runa's comment.
Original Message

 To my beloved everyone
I am sorry for causing you a lot of worries.
My lower back/hip has been hurting and I also went to the hospital but it is not yet completely healed. Because it would be sad to cause you more worries and trouble I decided to withdraw from my activities in NMB48.
Until now I thought and worried a lot. 'I don't want to quit'...I feel that too. But if my back does not heal now, I cannot move forward.
I love you all, the members and NMB48. I really do.
Since I joined NMB48 I have been able to make a lot of experiences. Stage shows, handshake events, two-shot events, other events, the Janken tournament. Out of all that I love the stage shows, the handshake and two-shot events, I was happy to be able to meet you and I had fun.
For me, who likes to talk, those were great events.
Having been able to meet you, that is my treasure.
What saved me during sad times, hard times, frustrating times and times when I wanted to cry or was about to give up, were you all and the members.
There were several times when I read the blog comments and thought, crying, "I'll do my best".
Really, thank you for supporting this me until now.
The words I absolutely wanted to say at last, are "thank you" to you all and the members.
I am grateful to everyone I met. From now on I'll let my back/hip heal properly, and because I also have high school entrance exams, I'll do my best at studying too.
"I will, the way it suits me," do my best, without forgetting these words you taught me, so that I won't lose to you.
I love the 2nd generation members. I love Team M. I love NMB48.
Really, thank you for everything.

All the best to Runa for her recovery.

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