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21 March 2013

NMB48 Team N Shinohara Kanna To Graduate

On March 21, NMB48 Team N member Shinohara Kanna has announced her graduation. She will leave the group after a graduation show on April 12 and then wants to pursue her dream of becoming a model.

Kanna joined NMB48 as a 1st Generation member when the group was founded in 2010 and was later chosen as one of the original members for Team N. Recently, fellow Team N member Fukumoto Aina also announced her graduation, so Team N will soon be left with two open spots.

Shinohara Kanna's Graduation Comment:
Original Message

I, Shinohara Kanna, will graduate from NMB48.
I was active in NMB48 as a 1st generation member, since I was in first year of junior high school. But I wasn't a member who danced or sang in the front rows.
I had the dream of becoming a model, and I haven't forgotten my wish to fulfill this dream.
Since I was promoted to Team N, I made a lot of experiences until now. There were happy and fun things, but there were also painful and frustrating things.
Even though I was chosen senbatsu for the 1st single 'Zetsumetsu Kurogami Shoujo', I wasn't chosen for any single senbatsu after that.
No matter how much I failed I was still doing the best effort I could.
But this effort wasn't enough. And because of my insufficiency, I wasn't able to make any good announcements and I am so sorry to you all.
During handshake events etc, sometimes even my being in Team N was disapproved. "Why are you even in Team N?"...and the like.
It was really painful. There was even a time when I thought it would have been better if I never had been promoted to Team N. But I, who have nothing to be confident in, also thought that nothing can be done about it.
But facing forward, I continued until now. What I can say to you now is:
I am glad about being in Team N.
It was really fun standing on the same stage with these great friends, going to different places for our tour, laughing about stupid things, and fooling around like idiots.
No matter how many painful feelings I had and even at times when I was afraid of handshake events, there were people waiting for me. Because there were people who wanted to meet me and to support me, I could enjoy handshake events naturally, and they became a pleasant time.
Thank you for saying you love me.
Thank you for supporting me.
I was really happy that I was able to meet such wonderful people and to meet the other members.
I love the members of NMB48.
I will aim for my model dream and do my best.
I cannot always depend on NMB48. Now that I graduated junior high, I will make a new step.
If you come along the name "Shinohara Kanna" again somewhere, I would be happy if you support me.
Thank you for everything until now. And please support me from now on too.

I am not really surprised about Kanna's graduation. She always had a difficult position in the group, she never made senbatsu after the 1st single and never got much attention. Her graduation comment shows how hard it must have been for her and I really hope she has more luck and success in pursuing her model dream.

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