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02 May 2013

NMB48 Team M's Yamamoto Hitomi To Graduate

At the end of Team M's theater show [Idol no Yoake] on May 1, Team M member Yamamoto Hitomi announced her graduation. The reason given is that she wants to focus on her studies. She will have her graduation show on May 30.

Yamamoto Hitomi is a 2nd generation member of NMB48 who debuted in summer 2011. After being active as a Kenkyusei for more than a year, she was promoted to Team M in October last year.

You can read a translation of her graduation comment below.

Yamamoto Hitomi's comment to her fans:
Original Message
I, Yamamoto Hitomi, will graduate from NMB48.
This spring I will become a third year junior high school student, and I will have high school entrance exams. I've thought about my future, so I consulted with my family and the staff several times and then decided to graduate.
With a "Hitomi Legend" as my objective, I had been active in NMB48 as a Kenkyusei and in autumn last year I was finally promoted to Team M.
While I was able to do various work, I saw people working and shining in media and I wanted to become like them too. So I came to think that I want to study properly, get in touch with people and things from different fields and refine myself.
That's why I decided to concentrate on my studies and study with all my power aiming for the top, just like the time when I gave my all striving for a promotion to a team.
To be honest, leaving my beloved NMB48 and parting with my beloved fellow members and with you all, is really hard.
Thanks to those who have cheered for me and supported me all the time I was able to grow, furthermore I was able to have a great dream. I'm full of gratitude to you all, I cannot even express it in words, but I am also really sorry.
I've decided this, so I will absolutely pull it through.
There is only a short time left for me as an NMB48 member, but please support me till the end.

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