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25 June 2013

New Nogizaka46 x HKT48 TV Show [Kanmuri Bangumi Battle!] Announced

A new TV show featuring HKT48 and Nogizaka46 has been announced. The show will be called [Nogizaka46 x HKT48 Kanmuri Bangumi Battle!] and will air on NTV on Tuesdays at 25:34 JST. The first episode will air on 2nd July 2013. The announcement was made on 18th June during a press conference in Tokyo.

This 1-hour show will actually be divided into two half-hour "kanmuri bangumi" shows (a TV or radio show that features the name of the performing artist in its title), each one featuring one of the two groups. Each week, a guest will come to the show to judge which one of the two groups is the funniest, and the winner will occupy the show's first slot in the following week.

The HKT48 show will be called [HKT48 Tonkotsu Mahou Shoujo Gakuin] ("Tonkotsu Female Magic Academy"). It will be set at a magic school in the mountains of Fukuoka, where the group members will be magic apprentices, working under the tutelage of magician Sashihara Rino. Each week, a guest will come to the show and will have to answer difficult questions asked by the HKT48 members.

The Nogizaka46 show will be called [NOGIBINGO!] and, as the name suggests, is inspired by AKB48's show [AKBINGO!]. The premise is that the group members will try to follow in their rivals' footsteps to see if they can become national idols like AKB48.

During the press conference, Nogizaka46 member Ikoma Rina said: "I'm usually a pacifist and don't like violence, but since this is a confrontation with HKT48, I want to be unyielding and make a fun show together with all Nogizaka members".

HKT48 member Sashihara Rino also talked about her expectations: "Actually I had a confrontation with Nogizaka one year ago on my solo debut and lost to them by a dramatic margin. I couldn't win with my force alone before, so now I want to work hard with all HKT members so that we can beat Nogizaka". (For the original statements in Japanese, please see this page.)

The official websites for the shows are below:

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