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01 March 2014

AKB48 Nonaka Misato Announces Graduation

AKB48 Team B member Nonaka Misato has announced her graduation during a broadcast of AKB48 no Anta, Dare? on February 28. Details about her graduation have yet to be announced. After the broadcast Micha commented on her blog about her decision. A translation of the post can be found below.

Micha joined AKB48 in 2008 as part of the 6th Generation. During AKB48's first shuffle in 2009 she was promoted to Team K and later shuffled to Team B. Unfortunately she never was a prominent member of the group, but in 2012 AKB48 named their 47 prefectures tour after her calling it Nonaka Misato, Ugoku. ~47 Todoufuken de Aimashou~. After her graduation, Takajo Aki will be the only 6th Generation member left in AKB48.

Nonaka Misato's blog post about her graduation
Original Message
Yesterday during the live broadcast of 'AKB48 no Anta, Dare?' on NOTTV I announced my graduation. I am sorry for this sudden announcement.
I have been thinking about graduation for a while now. I also have consulted Akimoto-san and my manager. It is not a graduation I have decided because of the recent shuffle.
This is my 6th year since joining AKB48. I think I really was able to change through joining AKB48. The time I have spent in my beloved AKB48 is really special and precious (^^). I won't talk about memories yet! The date of my graduation is not yet decided and I still have time, so until the day I graduate I want to learn a lot and make many memories.
To all those who always support me...I am sorry for surprising you. When I remind myself of the smiles and memories I made with everyone I spent my time with until now, I feel lonely...But we still have time! Let's laugh a lot together. I love you all.
I will do my best until the end. Please support me.
Nonaka Misato

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