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18 January 2010

AKB48 Member of the Year 2009 Results

Stage48 and Nihongogo have done a favourite member poll again like last year. Unlike previous years, this time all members under the AKB umbrella will be included in the poll. That means AKB48, AKB Kenkyuusei, SKE48, SKE Kenkyuusei, SDN48, SDN Unders, plus all those members who graduated in 2009. You are allowed to vote for your 10 favourite members and your 5 least favourite members. You are allowed to leave the least favourites blank. The point system is like this:
10. Member (+1)
Member (+2)
Member (+3)
Member (+4)
Member (+5)
Member (+6)
Member (+7)
Member (+8)
Member (+10)
Least Favorites
Member (-1)
Member (-2)
Member (-3)
Member (-4)
Member (-5)

For reference, the 2007 results are here, the 2008 results are here, and the 2009 results are here.

And here are the results
2009 Top 20
Rank. Name (Vote for/Vote against) Score
20. Oshima Mai (+80/-0) 80
20. Matsui Rena (+81/-1) 80
19. Watanabe Mayu (+120/-34) 86
18. Maeda Atsuko (+171/-83) 88
17. Ono Erena (+106/-13) 92
16. Miyazaki Miho (+121/-18) 103
15. Urano Kazumi (+112/-1 111
14. Katayama Haruka (+112/-0) 112
13. Masuda Yuka (+119/-2) 117
12. Kojima Haruna (+152/-26) 126
11. Matsubara Natsumi (+132/-5) 127
10. Ohori Megumi (+170/-2) 168
09. Minegishi Minami (+173/-1) 172
08. Sashihara Rino (+182/-5) 177
07. Itano Tomomi (+207/-18) 189
06. Miyazawa Sae (+201/-8) 193
05. Kasai Tomomi (+218/-14) 204
04. Kashiwagi Yuki (+237/-15) 222
03. Takahashi Minami (+297/-3) 294
02. Akimoto Sayaka (+340/-23) 317
01. Oshima Yuko (+340/-10) 330

I quite expected Yuko to be the top member since her thread is one of the most active in S48. I'm most surprised at Sayaka's position since I didn't expect so many people to be a fan of her. She was ranked 7th for 2008. And good job for girls like Sasshi, Meetan, Natsumi, Yuka and Haachan. Those few are those that I wouldn't ever expect to even be in the top 20. I also expect girls like Mayuyu and Kojiharu to be higher. Kojiharu was ranked 1st last year. 

Japan Mixi Ranking
Mixi Rank. Name (Forum Rank) 
10. Miyazawa Sae (06)
09. Ono Erena (17)
08. Kasai Tomomi (05)
07. Takahashi Minami (03)
06. Watanabe Mayu (19)
05. Itano Tomomi (07)
04. Kojima Haruna (12)
03. Oshima Yuko (01)
02. Maeda Atsuko (18)
01. Shinoda Mariko (36)

It's quite interesting to see the forum ranking so different from the Japanese Mixi rankings. I guess we gaijins (foreigners) have different tastes than the Japanese. For example Shinoda ranks 1st OMG WHAT SHE BEAT ACCHAN (2nd) THATS LIKE OMG! but she only ranked 36 for this ranking.

My Votes
10. Kashiwagi Yuki (+1)
09. Umeda Ayaka (+2)
08. Takahashi Minami (+3)
07. Kuramochi Asuka (+4)
06. Matsui Jurina (+5)
05. Miyazaki Miho (+6)
04. Ono Erena (+7)
03. Oshima Yuko (+8)
02. Akimoto Sayaka (+10)
01. Sato Amina (+15)

Least Favorites
05. blank (-1)
04. blank (-2)
03. blank (-3)
02. blank (-4)
01. blank (-5)

I don't want to make it a secret or anything. Besides I already ranked my top 10 here. By the way, Sayaka and Amina are tied in my ranking but if I'd ever have to rank one above the other, I'd rank Amina above because I know Sayaka will always get more votes than Amina. It's to push her up. And I didn't use any of my least favourite votes. I feel that none of the girls deserve to get negative votes.

Oshimen Through the Years  
24. Sato Amina 12
03. Akimoto Sayaka 84 

53. Sato Amina (+48/-57) -9
07. Akimoto Sayaka (+219/-15) 204


22. Sato Amina (+125/-48) 77
02. Akimoto Sayaka (+340/-23) 317

Well I'm quite happy for Sayaka. Seeing her ranking drop from 3 in 2007 to 7 in 2008 made be fear for the worst that she will drop even further down this year. Thank goodness she rose back to 2nd place! I guess that it's partially because of the effect from NYAF? And congratulations to Amina for getting 22nd. She rose from 53rd with a -9 score in 2008 to 22nd with 77 in 2009!
But here comes my disappointment.  Seeing Amina's score with 48 negatives. The only other girls with more negatives are Acchan (-83), Jurina (-66), Oku (-50) and Kana (-50). It's makes me sad to see such a girl with so much passion for her work get so many negatives. Not only her but Sayaka too. Compared to other girls who use AKB only as a stepping stone for other dreams. (BTW I don't hate those girls or anything). Well I guess looks and personality matter most in the Idol world anyway.


Mamboberg said...

Didnt expect to see so many hate for Acchan and Haruna in the poll. I personally will vote for

1) Yuko Oshima
2) Haruna Kojima
3) Mayu Watanabe
4) Atsuko Maeda
5) Tomomi Itano
6) Yuki Kashiwagi
7) Tomomi Kasai
8) Miho Miyazaki
9) Minami Takahashi
10) Rie Kitahara

Melos said...

Well about that, there is quite a debate going on that topic at Stage48. I wouldn't mind explaining to you the situation about acchan's negative votes here but I think the guys there have some better arguments than me.
But to summarise what they say, Acchan has been pushed in our faces too many times and people don't like it. And she ain't exactly the best singer or dancer.

link here: http://stage48.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=255483#p255483