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27 February 2010

Goodbye Team K.


A little late but I didn't want to post this until I watched the LOD. I took 2 days to watch it completely because I had to stop in the middle as I was bawwwwwling too much.

On the evening of 21 February 2010, last Sunday 6:25pm JPT, AKB48's Team K performed their 5th Stage [Saka Agari]. But this was different from the rest. This performance is K5's senshuuraku (final performance), and is the last time Team K will be performing together. After this they will be rebuilt with members of other Teams to form the NEW Team K. It's also the last performance for Noro Kayo and Ohori Megumi as AKB members and after this they will be transferred permanently to SDN. Erepyon did not have a full performance due to poor health, and only briefly appeared in the MC. Meetan also did not do a full performance, but performed her solo song Amai Kokansetsu for her "graduation". For this special occasion, they performed the two K theme songs Sasae and Korogaru Ishi ni Nare.

There were lots of crying during the whole performance and it was quite emotional, especially during Sasae. Also there was the most emotional performance of Mushi no Ballad. That's Sayaka for you. All the members really went all out for this day including the replacements Katayama Haruka, Ishida Haruka and Matsui Sakiko. For those of you who haven't watched it yet and are planning to watch it, prepare for a massive bawlfest. One thing about Team K, is that they always manage to make things funny even on the saddest of moments. I never liked K5 as a whole but for this performance I loved every second of it.

Team K will always be remembered by me and I'm sure many others as the strongest, coolest, fiercest, but at the same time the most united and most loving Team ever. Nothing can ever replace the old Team K. Rest in peace. I'm not saying that the NEW Team K will be shit because the member lineup looks kinda good. I also trust Aki-P that he knows what his doing.

The NEW Team K will perform their debut stage K6 on 12 March. Titled [RESET]. Originally planned for 28 February this year but it got delayed again. This time the delay is due to filming for Majisuka Gakuen and practice for K6. At least their finally starting practice for it.

You can download K5's senshuuraku here, or watch pieces of it on Hina's blog.

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A couple of messages from Meetan to the rest of the members:
Akimoto Sayaka-san,
You were so reliable. I never once saw you complain. But even so, you're a maiden in your heart. When you weren't there for performances, I was worried. Thank you, central pillar*!
Umeda Ayaka-san,
Umechan, you have a strong core. Because you have unwavering strength, your cool aura reveals itself. And, you're an extremely hard worker. I always had so much to learn with you by my side. Thank you, Mimi-chan!
Oshima Yuko-san,
You have a presence that no one can imitate. The reason all of us in Team K listen to whatever you have to say is because of your sturdy back. It's a small back, but even so it looks huge (lol). Thank you, Yuko!
Oku Manami-san,
Maachan, I want you to explode into Maachan World more freely, even though you're always so considerate of others. I hope you never lose your gentle heart…☆ Thank you, Maachan!
Ono Erena-san,
Erechan, the childish face that you sometimes show is really cute. When you think you've messed up, you make this clear-cut face that really leaves an impression. I can't take my eyes off you. Thank you for sharing your "kira kira power" with me, Erena!
Kasai Tomomi-san,
Tomochan, just when I think you're a girly person, acting all feminine, you finish whatever you start when you get into that mood! You have appropriate advice and thoughts, so I think in a few years you could be a good older sister type in a few years. Thank you, Oshimeshi combination!
Kuramochi Asuka-san,
Asuka, your heart is strong! You were always growing, and it was beautiful. You blew a new wind into K by being able to face yourself, and be in harmony with everyone else. Thank you, Asuka!
Kobayashi Kana-san,
The minute we got into our circle before the final performance, you called me… you understand the members the best. In the dressing room, you were definitely the one who set the mood (lol). You got everyone fired up and let us enjoy ourselves. Thank you, Kana!
Sato Natsuki-san,
Natsuki, you looked at everyone sharply. You had fantastic powers of observation, and you were a quick thinker. ☆ I often thought that the sometimes sad face that you sometimes showed matched mine (lol). You were a hidden suck up. Don't let them call you "granny" in your new team! (lol) Let's go eat sometime again! Thank you, Natsuki!
Chikano Rina-san,
Chikachan, when you show me that really pure and carefree smile, I had no choice but to invite you over to my house (lol). You were the only brave one who came! I got excited watching you nervously sit properly* and watch TV! Thank you, Chika!
Noro Kayo-san,
Kayo-chan, we're the same age and we got this far by sharing our emotions. You understood me the best. Let's get SDN fired up too! Let's work well together from now on, too! Thank you, Kayo-chan!
Masuda Yuka-san,
You're kind of an airhead (lol) "What? Really?" I couldn't get enough of you asking that with your cute face while you laughed! Why don't you change your catchphrase soon? I think something sexy would work well too. I love your wonderful smile and sensitivity. Thank you, Yuka!
Matsubara Natsumi-san,
Nattsumii, you can make friends with anyone! That aura that you wrap people up with, you know people your age usually don't have that, right?! You were K's master of tolerance… thank you for always being an oasis, Nattsumii!
Miyazawa Sae-san,
Sae, you were Team K's other central pillar*. You were always thinking about how Team K could be better. You loved K so much I wondered if you thought about yourself properly. You supported me personally many times… Thank you, Sae!
* referring to the central pillar of a Japanese style house, the one that holds everything up.


(credits to Hana, albusdumb, Naomi, hina, xyish, Jasey, Ange, DarkScorpion)

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