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17 February 2010

[Sakura no Shiori] Day 1

Get yourself ready. I totally freaked out when I saw it for the first time. And from the reactions at the forums lots of others did too.

[Sakura no Shiori] 1st day sales: 229,528!!!!!

All I can say right now is YEEEEAAAAHHHH!!!!!!
Not only did they break the 1st day of RIVER and the 1st week of RIVER, they almost broke RIVER's total sales up to now, IN JUST 1 DAY!!!

30 mins later: Sorry bout that. This is just incredible. I had to visit the Oricon site more than 20 times cause I didn't believe it at first. I was only expecting like 80k to 120k for first day, 150k MAX. For them to hit 200k plus on the first day, that's like OMG WOW! Not many artists can hit this level nowadays. This is the level that only really really really popular artists such as Arashi can hit. And AKB just reached it. In fact, Arashi's [Ashita no Kioku/Crazy Moon] single sold 230,022, a mere 500 difference!

Now I am a little worried for 2nd day sales. I have a feeling that sales will drop massively to around the 30k to 50k region region, maybe even lower. But if tomorrow we see sales at around 70k, I can tell you that the forums will be in chaos. Platinum here we come! I'm still confident that they can keep the 1st place for 2nd day though but not sure of 3rd day and beyond. I'm also pretty confident that the girls can hit 300k before two weeks. A good sign is that most of online shops (Amazon, HMV, CD Japan) are out of stock due to huge demand.

A word to the haters of this single and all those other people who said that this single won't sell well, NEVER EVER doubt Aki-P. He knows what he is doing.

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