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19 March 2010

Cake Day Season 3: Cake not included

I'd like to wish International Wota a very
HAPPY PUDDING.....i mean.....CAKE DAY!!!!

I'd like to thank IW for the times they have helped me, like the time I was looking for volunteers for the member posts and didn't get any reply until IW posted about it on their website (BTW it's still ongoing and I'll post the first batch up soon). It really helps when your blog is new and you don't have much readers yet. So thanks IW!

So as a way to say thanks I decided to take part in their Cake Day celebrations. But why pudding? You see, I can't bake, and I'm broke due to ordering loads of AKB stuff, so I can't buy a cake (I could buy 2 singles with that money). So I asked around and I was told that I could choose not to use cakes. I pondered on what I should use instead and it just came to me. Pudding. Amina wotas should know this one.

100218-0049590646.jpg picture by Jigoku125  100218-0050040465.jpg picture by Jigoku125  100218-0050070682.jpg picture by Jigoku125  
100218-0050130187.jpg picture by Jigoku125  100218-0050160226.jpg picture by Jigoku125  100218-0050170635.jpg picture by Jigoku125  
100218-0050240539.jpg picture by Jigoku125  100218-0050260471.jpg picture by Jigoku125  100218-0050330215.jpg picture by Jigoku125
100218-0050420243.jpg picture by Jigoku125  100218-0050440417.jpg picture by Jigoku125

Clickies for larger image. On AKBINGO! (100218) as punishment for getting hit in a dodge ball competition, Amina had to down a cup(?) of pudding in 1 mouthful. I wasn't an easy task and she struggled with it at the beginning, but she managed to do it after a bit of time. Well that is what happened officially. But I know in the minds of many other people, the pictures speak differently (PERVERTS!!!) But hey, it's a cute moment so I don't see a reason for not sharing. You can watch the video of it below.

OSHIAMINA and the pudding


(Credits to IW staff, johpan, tiller)

1 comment:

johpan said...

YAY Pudding Day :D
Cheers Melos! Hope the pudding was good for you xD Also, love the picspam <3