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12 March 2010

I'm in love with RenaBoy

Well it's no surprise after the recent AKBINGO! (100310), the episode which got fans both male and females squealing. The theme for this AKBINGO! is called "DANSO" which is something like crossdressing. The girls are supposed to dress up (wigs too) as IKEMEN (handsome) girls and do a skit. An example is the guest judge invited on the right of the Bad Boys. She's a female but she looks like a cool guy (I wouldn't have noticed if they didn't announce it). There are a total of four contestants and the winner will be chosen by audience (the twenty girls not taking part). For this post I will be focusing on, like the title says, Contestant no. 3: Matsui Rena. Though Mariko won the round (by 1 score) and was also quite good, it was RenaBoy who stole my heart. There's also another reason why I'm doing this post. Continue reading and see why.

You can download it from Hello!Online or watch it on YouTube subbed.

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So before Rena appears on the catwalk, the Bad Boys ask fellow Matsui what she thinks.
RenaBoy03.jpg picture by Jigoku125  RenaBoy04.jpg picture by Jigoku125
Jurina: "We've always been together but I've never thought of her as manly. So, it won't work. But that's why I'm so looking forward to this. Definitely want to see how this will go."
 (Actually that's what I'm thinking too. How can a princess-like girl like Rena look IKEMEN?)
RenaBoy06.jpg picture by Jigoku125  RenaBoy08.jpg picture by Jigoku125
Whose that silhouette hiding behind the screen?! i-i-it can't be. It's RenaBoy!!!!!
RenaBoy09.jpg picture by Jigoku125  RenaBoy10.jpg picture by Jigoku125
DANSOing (is that right?) as a Kyuudou captain. RenaBoy looks so non-Rena and so IKEMEN!!!! Hell if I didn't know it was Rena behind I'd totally think that was a guy. She looks familiar too as someone I saw in some j-dorama. So what is the reaction from our audience?
RenaBoy11.jpg picture by Jigoku125  RenaBoy12.jpg picture by Jigoku125
What's that Jurina? What did you say about Rena earlier? And hahaha I was exactly like Amina when I watched this. She must be in fantasy land right now. Just like I was.
RenaBoy13.jpg picture by Jigoku125  RenaBoy14.jpg picture by Jigoku125
1st shot.... It hits!!! 2nd shot...... IT HITS!!! 3rd shot........PERFECT!!!!!
RenaBoy15.jpg picture by Jigoku125  RenaBoy16.jpg picture by Jigoku125
But it seems that RenaBoy hurt her thumb while firing that last shot. OH NO!!! She asks for a plaster and Takamina (acting as the judge or assistant or something) happily provides and applies it on her.
RenaBoy17.jpg picture by Jigoku125  RenaBoy18.jpg picture by Jigoku125
RenaBoy proceeds to fire her next shot. But wait! It misses? IT MISSES?!?!?! TAKAMINA!!!!!! YOU APPLIED THE PLASTER TOO TIGHTLY!!!!!! Don't worry RenaBoy. Next time I'll put it gently for you.
RenaBoy19.jpg picture by Jigoku125  RenaBoy20.jpg picture by Jigoku125
Takamina starts to apologise. But RenaBoy, being an Idol and all, dismisses Takamina's apology and says it's not Takamina's fault and she was being careless.
RenaBoy21.jpg picture by Jigoku125  RenaBoy22.jpg picture by Jigoku125
RenaBoy then says: "Unconsiously, my heart is in disarray because of you."
And our audience (and those people watching too, males included) squeals.
RenaBoy23.jpg picture by Jigoku125  RenaBoy24.jpg picture by Jigoku125
Damn how much I would do just to be in Takamina's spot at that moment. And it ends and RenaBoy transforms back to Rena. Nooooo. Just a bit more? please?
RenaBoy25.jpg picture by Jigoku125  RenaBoy26.jpg picture by Jigoku125
Sata: "Wow this is great. Everyone was screaming "she's cool! she's cool!" back then. What do you think? Dressing up like a guy."
Rena: "This is embarassing!"
Sata: "What about you Takahashi."
Takamina: "I think she should stay as a man. I was so excited!"

RenaBoy27.jpg picture by Jigoku125  RenaBoy28.jpg picture by Jigoku125
And her score is...........15! Out of 20! So close! Mariko was 16. Just 1 point! So she's now in 2nd place.(By the way Amina's ponytail <3)
RenaBoy29.jpg picture by Jigoku125  RenaBoy30.jpg picture by Jigoku125
Sata: "So what do you think now Jurina?"
Jurina: "The truth is, I didn't vote for her. I do think she is cool and loved the part with her silhouette, but I still see her as Rena."
WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And you were squealing just now too!
RenaBoy31.jpg picture by Jigoku125  RenaBoy32.jpg picture by Jigoku125
Her response?
Rena: "So... Can I shoot her?"
Oh Rena! You can shoot me anytime!
RenaBoy33.jpg picture by Jigoku125  RenaBoy34.jpg picture by Jigoku125  RenaBoy35.jpg picture by Jigoku125
RenaBoy36.jpg picture by Jigoku125  RenaBoy37.jpg picture by Jigoku125  RenaBoy38.jpg picture by Jigoku125
Sata: "Who else feels that she did great? Sato."
Amina: "It's a strike. I want to marry her."
Sata: "You can't resist?"
Amina: "I can't."
Sata: "Based on the 3 participants shown already, where would you rank her?"
Amina: "1st"
YEAH! Nothing better than my Oshimen agreeing with me.
Sata: "What about you Takajo?"
Akicha: "Those black hair, in white, it's definitely my type."
And the guest judge?
QUEEN DOLCE: "Her face suits the image of a calm and gentle guy perfectly."

And there you go. And well what do you know. I have a new no. 1 (tied). Sorry Sayaka.

(Credits to tokyolucifer, hina, draco)

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Anonymous said...

I think Rena just skyrocketed in everyones list thanks to this. She was already first on mine, so yeah. Go Rena! :3