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15 March 2010

Team K 6th Stage [RESET] Review

On 12 march 2010, the NEW Team K (from now on reduced to just Team K, pre-shuffle Team K will be mentioned as OLD Team K) finally started their 6th Stage (actually it should be 1st Stage but whatever I'll just follow the official number). After months of delays due to their sudden popularity in RIVER and SakuShio, the reformed Team K is now official. There were a number of fans who dropped out because of the shuffle announcement. Well they are missing out on the fun cause Team K's new stage is awesome. It's not K4 level though, but damn good still. Another reason why we shouldn't even bother thinking of doubting Master Akimoto.

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Team K 6th STAGE [RESET]
OPLemon no Toshigoro檸檬の年頃Lemon YearsZenza Girls*
M01RESET--Team K
M02Sentakumonotachi洗濯物たちPieces of LaundryTeam K
M03Kanojo ni Naremasuka?彼女になれますか?Can I be your Girlfriend?Team K
M05Seifuku Resistance制服レジスタンスSchool Uniform ResistanceItano, Ono, Nito
M06Kiseki wa Ma ni Awanai奇跡は間に合わないA Miracle Won't
Be In Time
Miyazawa, Nonaka, Yonezawa
M07Gyakuten Oujisama逆転王子様 "Come From
Behind" Prince
Minegishi, Uchida, Nakatsuka
M08Ashita no Tame ni Kisu wo明日のためにキスをA kiss for TomorrowAkimoto, Kikuchi,
Tanabe, Matsui
M09Kokoro no Hana no Sofa心の端のソフャーSofa In The Side
Of My Heart
Oshima, Fujie, Umeda
MC2---Oshima, Fujie, Umeda
M10Dokugumo毒蜘蛛Venomous SpiderTeam K
M11Okeraオケラ PennilessTeam K
M12White Day ni wa...ホワイトデーには…On White day...Team K
M13Jigsaw Puzzle 48ジグソーパズル48-Team K
EC1Hoshizora no Mistake星空のミステイクStarry Sky MistakeTeam K
EC2Yume no Kane夢の鐘Bell of DreamsTeam K
EC3Hikkoushimashita引っ越しましたI’ve movedTeam K
* Zenza girls will perform at the beginning of every Stage. Sung by four Kenkyuuseis. Members vary at each performance.
* Bolded girls are the center.

OP - Lemon no Toshigoro
   So I was expecting the Overture to start playing when suddenly the stage lit up and four girls came out. Totally WTF moment for everybody. These girls are the Zenza (opening performance) Girls and will be performing at the beginning of every Stage. It's a good way of promoting the Kenkyuuseis. Their costumes are colourful and cute but don't be fooled, the song is far from that. It's a sad and dramatic slow song but still catchy. Only problem that I have with it is that I think they should have used a more energetic song for a opening song.

M00 - Overture
   Man was I worried that they would replace the Overture for that Lemon song. This song is good for setting the mood for the Stage. Lets go! AAAAAKKKKKKKBBBBBB FORTY EEEEEIIIIIGGGGGHHHHHTTTTTTT!!!!! 

   The song opens with Yuko, Tomochin and Sae dancing with some electric guitars playing in the background. Immediately in that 7 seconds you already know how awesome this stage will be. Crowd pumping songs with intense dancing routines and lots of fast movements. And loads of guitars. Like the way I love it. As the theme song of the new Team K, I expect nothing less from it. Gotta admit I'm not used to the new line up and was still searching for the old K members lol. 

M02 - Sentakumonotachi
   A less intense song this time but still energetic and catchy. The dance is genius! Loved all the parts when they froze. And the skirt removal part was clever. LOL at Tomochin getting hit by Yuko's skirt.   

M03 - Kanojo ni Naremasuka?
   A fast paced catchy song like the previous. At the start they remove their costumes (again), this time their top. 

   LOL. This song in win. Sayaka's gorilla dance part was a nice touch. UHHO UHHOHO!   

M05 - Seifuku Resistance
   And were back to intense choreography. Great dance! This song reminds me a lot of Tsundere, I don't know why. Erepyon seems weird in this unit but maybe I'll get used to it. And did they reuse Team B's costumes? It looks very familiar.  

M06 - Kiseki wa Ma ni Awanai
   When they first came out and the lighting was still dim I thought of RIVER because the costumes looked like the cameo thing they wore for RIVER. A great song with a great dance routine. I love the part where they did the things with the hat. But best has to be the costumes. Gawd I want one!

M07 - Gyakuten Oujisama
   The transition from M06 to M07 was awesome. I love it when they do things like this, I kept replaying that part. A cute song for a change. Miichan takes the lead here and she was especially great in the song. She was shining throughout the whole song and I can't help but look at her the whole time. Ucchi and Chris were great too.  

M08 - Ashita no Tame ni Kisu wo
   Sadly I'm not a fan of this song. It's a cute and fun song but it's not my type. I was hoping Umechan and Yuko for a dance unit though.

M09 - Kokoro no Hana no Sofa
   The same for this song. The costumes are cute though so that makes up a little. The dance is nice too.  

M10 - Dokugumo
    And finally faster songs! This song reminds me of Lay Down and Amai Kokansetsu because of all the 'communication' between the members, and because of that leg movement thingy they do. A very catchy song. And also love how the costumes go with the lights. Clever!  

M11 - Okera
  The dance for this is win. Complex choreography. Another catchy upbeat song. Love it!  

M12 - White Day ni wa...
   The opening dance is cool, and rest of the song was cute. Another fun song, quite a number of solos. Tomochin really attracted me in this song. I've heard reports of her looking bored or grumpy or so during A5, but that didn't show here.

M13 - Jigsaw Puzzle 48
   Where have I seen those costumes before? It's a slow paced song, quite a change from the rest of the stage. I dunno but it seems like a sad song. Will need the lyrics to understand it more.  

EC1 - Hoshizora no Mistake
   I was confused throughout the whole song. It sounds so Christmas-y with all those bells, heck the name also sounds Christmas-y. The song is fine, same for the dance.  

EC2 - Yume no Kane
   A war song. Definitely need the lyrics for this one. Costume department deserves a bonus for this. Like how they "tore up" their costumes. Unique. That was really clever. The song itself is good.  

EC3 - Hikkoushimashita
   The last song of the Stage. The torn costumes now looks weird now for this song. So do the boots. They should have worn a coat or something. The part where they use the streamers was cute. I like this song.

   I'd have to say this is a great stage to start The Great Shuffle with. I can't ask for anything more, though it could use a full rock song. I've been waiting for one since forever. I'm glad that the songs had lots of dance since lots of the members are good dancers. The songs are also good and catchy. The only problem there is with this stage is that most of the songs generally sound the same. My favourite song for parts 1,2,3,4 are RESET, Gyakuten Oujisama, Dokugumo, and Hoshizora no Mistake respectively.

Wow this turned out longer than I expected it to be. I said I won't be doing a full review but *facepalm*. Well I'll still do another one when the DVD is out.

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Maria Catalina said...

the costumes for Jigsaw Puzzle 48 look really a lot like the Ai no Iro costumes XD