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Details on the AKB48 Group Pennant Race
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22 October 2010

SDN48 1st Single [GAGAGA]


   SDN48's major debut Single [GAGAGA] will be released on 24 November, just a week after SKE48 will release their 4th Single 1!2!3!4! Yoroshiku!. The Single will have 3 versions: Type A, Type B and Theater version. GAGAGA will be released under the label Universal Records.

   The Senbatsu for GAGAGA was decided through an election by the fans back in September, and the member's position in the election would determine their position and screen time in the PV. (refer to this post). The center is Ohori Megumi. Fukuyama Sakura, who was 12th place in the election (and therefore made it into the Senbatsu), has graduated from the group not long ago and her position has been replaced by fellow member Chen Qu.

   Type A and Type B will have the usual handshake tickets and (external) bonus photo, but the most important bonus is in the Theater version. First press for Theater ver. will include a ticket for SDN48's Shashinkai Event. In this event, a ticket grants you to a photo with a member of your choice. This is the 2nd time such an event has taken place, the first time was earlier in the year when AKB48 released their 15th Single Sakura no Shiori.

   The motto for GAGAGA is "K-POP wo mukae utsu, J-POP tanjou" which means "In order to rival K-POP, here comes J-POP". This is in reference to the recent dominance of K-POP in the Japanese music industry by Korean groups like KARA, Shoujo Jidai, etc.. SDN48's Captain Noro Kayo said during a press conference that "Shoujo Jidai is their legs, KARA is their butt and SDN48 will be the elbows". And true enough, there is a lot of "elbow action" in the PV.

Official Website: http://www.universal-music.co.jp/sdn48/index.html

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Release Date: 24 November 2010

   Type A / B:1600yen
   Theater ver:1000yen 
02. Kodoku na Runner
03. Eros no Trigger
04. GAGAGA (off vocal)
05. Kodoku na Runner (off vocal)
06. Eros no Trigger (off vocal)
02. Kodoku na Runner PV
03. Eros no Trigger PV
04. Yuuwaku no Garter (Yokohama shuffle)
05. CD Debut Congratulation comments from AKB48 (part 1)
02. Kodoku na Runner
03. Sado he Wataru
04. GAGAGA (off vocal)
05. Kodoku na Runner (off vocal)
06. Sado he Wataru (off vocal) 
02. Kodoku na Runner PV
03. Eros no Trigger PV
04. PV Making Of
05. CD Debut Congratulation comments from AKB48 (part 2)
GAGAGA (Theater ver.)
02. Kodoku na Runner
03. Eros no Trigger
04. Sado he Wataru
First press for normal versions include a handshake ticket and bonus photo (external)(limited).
First press for Theater ver. includes a ticket for 2shot (take a picture with one of the members) event.

Senbatsu - GAGAGA
1st Gen: Ohori Megumi, Sato Yukari, Noro Kayo, Urano Kazumi, Umeda Haruka, Serina, Kato Mami, Kohara Haruka, Ito Kana, Akita Kazue, Chen Qu
2nd Gen: KONAN
Kodoku na Runner (孤独なランナー)
All 36 members of SDN48
Undergirls A - Eros no Trigger (エロスのトリガー)
1st Generation: Okochi Misa, Imayoshi Megumi, Kaida Jyuri, Hatakeyama Chisaki, Mitsui Hiromi, Nachu, Nishikunihara Reiko
2nd Generation: Oyama Aimi, Kimoto Yuki, Fujikoso Yumi, Natsuko, Matsushima Rumi
Undergirls B -  Sado he Wataru (佐渡へ渡る)
1st Generation: Kondo Sayaka, Kouchi Masami, Tezuka Machiko
2nd Generation: Aikawa Yuki, Akiko, Ito Mana, Takahashi Yui, Tanisaki Tomomi, Tsuda Marina, Fukuda Akane, Hosoda Miyuu, Ninomiya Yuka

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HMV: Type A / Type B
CDJapan: Type A / Type B
Amazon: Type A / Type B

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