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09 November 2010

AKB48 at STGCC Updates (Singapore)

More updates for Singapore AKB48 fans!

Amid the excitement for this Friday's AKB48 Live at AFA X, come more updates for AKB48's special appearance at the Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention (STGCC) in December.

Here are the updates:
1) Appearance at main stage of STGCC exhibition, Hall 401-402
Date: 10 Dec 2010, Friday, 1600hrs
Admission: Open to all STGCC day (Sat) and 3-day ticket holders

2) “Scissors-Paper-Stone” Meet the Fans Session – celebrating new song release
Date: 11 Dec 2010, Saturday, 1900hrs, Suntec auditorium, Level 2
Admission: Open to AKB48 ticket holders (inclusive of 1 day access to STGCC on 11 Dec 2010)

In line with AKB48’s new song release on 8 December 2010 in Japan, AKB48 will meet the fans in a special closed-door session. Fans will have the opportunity to listen to their latest songs, play games with the girls and win copies of their latest album.

As a special tribute to STGCC and AKB fans, tickets are available at a special price of only S$30 per person (GST applies)! Ticket includes access to all STGCC programmes and exhibition on Saturday as well! Unbelievable, isn’t it?

Enjoy an unforgettable evening with the girls. Programme (duration of about 1.5hrs) includes the following:
- Exciting performances of 8 to 10 songs by the girls.
- Sneak peek of AKB48 video – selection process for the new song
- Play games with AKB48, lucky fans will win autographed CDs of their latest album
- Hand-shake with the girls

Admission: Ticketing is now open at www.singaporetgcc.com/stgcc-ticket-registration

Limited seats available!
[STGCC guests and programme are subject to change]
Source: STGCC Website

Overall, the program planned for STGCC sounds very exciting and there's a variety of things the girls do instead of just performances. So what STGCC offers will be more interaction with the girls.

From the writeup, it kind of looks like they might send the entire Janken senbatsu here (which is not a bad thing because there's Nyan xD), but the date is quite close to the single's release and they most probably have promoting to do in Japan.

The ticket price seems extremely reasonable, and other than AKB you'll get access to the convention itself, which is a steal. I hope I can make it for this one, and that the "limited seats" aren't too limited. >__>

I noticed it said "lucky fans will win autographed CDs of their latest album" instead of single. It is most likely an oversight on the writer's part though.

By the way, here is AKB48 Theater manager Togasaki's official blog post about AKB at AFA X, Macau, Moscow, and STGCC.

1 comment:

Mirai ♥ said...

Hihi, will you be going to this event? =D I'm trying to find people to go with. ToT;; In fact it's so reasonably priced I think they'll just send the Team research girls down .___.""

If they send the whole Janken senbatsu I'll just die of happiness since all my fav girls are there. *___*;; I honestly don't know about that since the AFA tix are so much more expensive and only a few top girls are there...

What do you think? =(