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07 April 2011

SKE48 Team S 3rd Stage [Seifuku no Me] Shuffled Review

Hey it's sada once again. I'm here with SKE48's S3 but it's the shuffled version. Ooh exciting isn't it? I can't wait to watch. I'll try to make my review easier to read this time as well.I haven't even seen the units for the shuffled stage yet. I am watching the 110206 Hiru Kouen. My Team S oshi is Kuwabara Mizuki. I hope she gets an interesting unit. Have I mentioned I love S3? Because I do. I think it has an amazing set of songs.

Note that I haven't seen the list for shuffle members before this LOD.

SKE48 Team S 3rd Stage [Seifuku no Me]
OPOverture (SKE48 ver.)---
M01Koi wo Kataru Shijin ni Narenakute恋を語る詩人になれなくてI Can't Become a Poet Who Speaks about LoveTeam S
M02Goukaku Kiss合格KissPassing KissTeam S
M03Antennaアンテナ-Team S
M04Seifuku no Me制服の芽A Sprout of School UniformTeam S
M05Omoide Ijou思い出以上More Than a FeelingMatsui Rena, Ono Haruka, Takada Shiori
M06Okami to Pride狼とプライドWolf and PrideMatsui Jurina, Nakanishi Yuka
M07Onna no Ko no Dairokkan女の子の第六感A Girl's 6th SenseHirata Rikako, Kinoshita Yukiko, Deguchi Aki, Yagami Kumi, Kobayashi Emiri (Matsushita Yui)
M08Kareha no Station枯葉のステーションThe Station of Dry LeavesOya Masana
M09Mangekyou万華鏡KaleidoscopeSuda Akari, Kato Rumi, Kizaki Yuria, Hiramatsu Kanako, Kuwabara Mizuki
M10Jealousy no AlibiジェラシーのアリバイAn Alibi of JealousyTeam S
M11Doubt!--Team S
M12Nakama no Uta仲間の歌A Friend's SongTeam S
M13Mizu no Nai Pool水のないプールA Pool Without WaterTeam S
M14Rakuen no Kaidan楽園の階段The Stairs to ParadiseTeam S
M15Pinocchio Gunピノキオ軍Pinocchio WarTeam S
M16Tegami no Koto手紙のことAbout a LetterTeam S

M00. oveture (SKE48 ver.)
OOoooh. More pretty pictures on the screen.

M01. Koi wo Kataru Shijin ni Narenakute...
The stage has better lighting then the E1 LOD. Too bad I can't see the faces very well. Outfit criticize time: The coats are terrible. The black and green ones are alright. The red and black ones... Not so much. I can't say much for the hair accessories. Very plain from here. AMAZING SONG. I love it. Very energetic and fun which pretty much sums up SKE48 in one song. I see Rena missing a step here and there but it's alright because you're Rena <3.

M02. Goukaku Kiss
Thank god the ugly coats are gone. I don't like these outfits either but it's better than the coats. This is one of the more relax Team S songs it's a nice change after the high pace of KKSN but it seems people don't like it on its own. So the girls are wearing glasses. Some of the girls don't like very good with them on. But for others it's looks great. Kinky librarian thing going on. (I wear glasses too ya know) This dance seems all about parts. There's different things going on while people are singing. It's interesting. It's definitely a song to watch but listening to it can be boring. Not to me though. I love it. <3

M03. Antenna
D: NOOO DON'T PUT THE GLASSES IN YOUR POCKET. You might smash them by accident. I have this issue with theses outfits for some reason. I like how the skirt has frills but I don't like how it's straight black on the other side. Maybe if the outfits had more differentiation for each pair of girls there'd be different styles that I like. On to the song. I love the beginning.It's weird listening to the the random voices that saying "Aha" and things. It really is a fun and energetic song.The running around is so fun. Oh yes morespasticdancing. It's bouncy and has foot stomping dance. Lastly, I am not appreciating Emiri all over the LOD even though she subs for Yui who's like a center member.

M04. Seifuku no Me
Such a cute dance. OH YAY STRIPPING. 8D I'm just happy because the ugly blazers will be gone. Gosh. O_O Are they dancing with the jackets in hand? That's cheaper than K6's weird attempt at drying laundry. Yay they're a gone. BUT noooo awkward shuffling dance is starting. That seaweed looking move is cool. Just saying for a song about school outfits these are some fugly ones. I'd be sad if I had to wear these to school everyday. SKE at the end is cool and it's my favorite part. Oh opera hands for the finishing move. Nice touch Team S.

M05. Omoide Ijou
Oooh Rena, Shiitan and Haruka in the same unit? AWESOME. Rena's voice is kind of whiny and gross but so is Jurina's in this song so there's not much of a difference here. :P Haruka's vocals are really good here. SHIIITAN. SHIITAN. I LOVE YOU. <3 She sounded great. God Rena/Jurina's dress is so gross. It's like a bad attempt at a funeral dress with military boots. D: Rena's too girly for this. :/ Rena's not very energetic for the dancing in the dance break but she show's a lot of emotion in her face.

M06. Okami to Pride
Jurina and Yuka in this unit?! D: what a terrible choice. I still don't like this song. This feels really creepy especially since Yuka has theses crazy eyes she assumes is cute on. It might just be the lighting though. I like the outfit with the shorts. The skirt is too frumpy. The hats are cute but overall the outfit is too pink and sparkly.

M07.Onna no Ko no Dairokkan
I love this song. I think the members chosen was a good choice for this song. Kuumin is adorable in Mizuki's spot. I loved Yukiko's dance entrance. Very classy. Hirata's voice is kind of shaky here but not too terrible. She should have been in Okami to Pride instead of Yuka. Deguchi felt like a wtf placement. Sadly she doesn't have any solo lines which is disappointing since she has a very good voice. As a group performance I think it was really good. They performed together and in time. It's fun to watch. For the outfits, I must say I think they are adorable. I love how when the girls spin little strips of fabric spin with them. The boots are really tall but I think they work because short ones would look weird imo.

M08. Kareha no Station
I don't like boring idol ballads. This is one of them. Oh cool. Masana has a different outfit. I didn't expect that. Masana isn't a terrible singer. I love her and everything but a solo is kind of a bit much. I still don't think Rena should have gotten one either based on vocals. I mean every idol deserves a solo song right? Rena is extremely popular so I see why she gets one but meh. Not the best thing to listen to. TOO MUCH RENA NOW D:< More Masana. I like her version a lot more than Rena's. I must say Masana proved me wrong in these past 3 or so minutes. She holds her notes better than Rena for sure. Masana has bony hands. Sorry I just randomly noticed that. Cute umbrella btw.

M09. Mangekyou
YES FINALLY. OMG WHO IS IT GONNA BE? :D There's not much of a choice left seeing as it's the last unit but still let me have this moment. O_O Totally didn't expect Mizuki to be here. D: Go and dance in Omoide Ijou and bring Shiitan over here. Can I barf over these outfits? They are fugtastic. The pink/orange dress is probably the only one that's cute. YAY AKARIN CENTER. Sadly this set of dancers aren't really in sync, it looks messy. I know there's some parts where it's on purpose but when they dance together it's bad. On second thought the green dress is cute. Aww Mizuki. Bad vocals here. Akarin doesn't sound much better tbh. Kanako, Yuria and Rumi sound quite good. Akarin and Mizuki on the other hand. Well it's cringe worthy.

M10. Jealousy no Alibi
SUCH A HYPE SONG. I dance to it every timeand I get this major headache but it's soo worth it. Okay. Now that I have my headache I can continue. Outfits are ugly and terrible kind of like some one went a little crazy with the tie-dyeing. I like dresses with the no shoulders but there's sleeves like Shiitan's. I hate the one Yukiko wears. I wish they used a larger variety of colors. Purple would have been nice. The leg thingies are cute. I can't tell if they are wearing low heels or sneakers though. They sing all of this together so I can't tell much for vocals just that no one is so terrible that I can hear them over the others. O_O Dance break is so cool. I forgot about that part. Back to dancing~. jealousy no alibi? The end post kind of looks like they are giving the finger but hey. Whatever.

M11. Doubt!
Doubt is kind of lame at first after JnA but it's not terrible. Too cutesy. I just realized the skirts are slightly different from the others of the same colour. :D Yay. Nothing really terrible about this song. Nothing really great about it either. Except that the dance in very interesting to watch. A lot of SKE over-dancing but I like it here.

M12. Nakama no Uta
OMG NO WAY ALREADY? ;=; This is the best ske song ever. Hands down. No question. Ever since I watched SKE Request Hour 2010 with Yuimin singing with everyone. Some girls left the stage :D I cry when this song plays. I'm usually not crazy emotional enough to cry about idols but I love this song so much. I love what this song means. D: They were only getting heart shaped thingies I was hoping they were changed. AI NO UTAOU WO UTAOU~ ;=;

M13. Mizu no Nai Pool
O_O What are these extremely cute outfits I have never seen before? I love them. SOO MUCH. Great outfits for such a great song. ;=; It's slow but it's not a boring idol ballad to me. It's still upbeat. Vocals are on point here. Except Akarin really but I can let that pass because she's a cool kid. I like the whole "ganbatte" feel of this song. JURINA MONOLOGUE IS COOL. I like how the crowd knows the dance. I like how thechoreographydoesn't go overboard with the whole swimming thing.

M14. Rakuen no Kaidan
OOOH YOSHA~ Hype song numero 2. I love it. Energetic songs are what SKE does best. Song is awesome. Outfits are fugly. I mean what's up with the front being on texture and the back are frills again. Those bear arm things aren't attractive either. They look kind of like bunny outfits. Hats look weird but meh.

M15. Pinnocio Gun
This is like the SKE song. Over used but still loved because it's awesome. It's so much fun when performed. The brrr part is like wtf but so great at the same time. I don't know what to say about this. Really. It's just awesome.

M16. Tegami no Koto
Sadly this marks the end of this stage. I like this song though it's a bit boring at first. It sucks how you can hear Mizuki's voice over everyone else's. The dancing is cool. I like how it's in different parts but it's still one dance, you know what I mean?

Final thoughts: I think all around it's a good stage. I mean there's a good amount of energetic and fun songs to balance out the boring ballad style songs. I would definitely recommend it to watch for any new SKE48 fan.

Well that was my pretty much really biased S3 review. I hope you want to watch S3 now. :3

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