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10 June 2011

AKB48 3rd Senbatsu General Election - Final Results

The 3rd Senbatsu General Elections concluded just a few hours ago, and here's the lowdown on the event. Comments will come in a separate post.

The eventful night kickstarted with a few performances to heighten the atmosphere. SKE48 brought up the energy with Banzai Venus, while NMB48 performed their upcoming debut single, Zetsumetsu Kurogami Shoujo. The AKB48 kenkyuusei, sans members from the newly-formed Team 4, made an appearance with their version of Heavy Rotation and Iriyama Anna took center position. Ponytail to Shushu was performed by the Undergirls with Nito Moeno as center, and finally to close off the performances, AKB48's senbatsu entertained the crowd with the best-selling latest single Everyday, Kachuusha.

The rankings were then revealed, starting at 7pm JPT, with the estimated ending time of 9pm JPT.

Member positions and comments under the cut, in ascending order.

The results of the election will be for AKB48's 22nd Single, yet to be titled, which is set to be released on 24 August 2011.

Ranking Commentary: http://melosnomichi.blogspot.com/2011/06/akb48-3rd-senbatsu-general-election_6778.html

-----Undergirls line-----
40Fujie ReinaAKB48 Team K4698
39Ichikawa MioriAKB48 Team 44928
38Matsui SakikoAKB48 Team K5020
37Maeda AmiAKB48 Team A5220
36Suda AkariSKE48 Team S5343
35Oba MinaAKB48 Team 45411
34Sato SumireAKB48 Team B5438
33Hata SawakoSKE48 Team KII6117
32Komori MikaAKB48 Team B6120
31Nito MoenoAKB48 Team K6288
30Oya MasanaSKE48 Team S6660
29Oya ShizukaAKB48 Team A7264
28Yamamoto SayakaNMb48 Team N8697
27Miyazaki MihoAKB48 Team B9271
26Hirajima Natsumi AKB48 Team B9742
25Ota AikaAKB48 Team A9910
24Nakagawa HarukaAKB48 Team A10854
23Takayanagi AkaneSKE48 Team KII11674
22Umeda AyakaAKB48 Team K11860
-----Senbatsu line-----
21Kuramochi AsukaAKB48 Team A12387
20Masuda Yuka AKB48 Team B14137
19Yokoyama Yui AKB48 Team K16455
18Sato AminaAKB48 Team B16574
17Akimoto SayakaAKB48 Team K17154
16Kasai TomomiAKB48 Team B22857
15Minegishi MinamiAKB48 Team K26070
14Matsui JurinaSKE48 Team S27804
13Kitahara RieAKB48 Team B27957
-----Media Senbatsu line-----
12Takajo AkiAKB48 Team A31009
11Miyazawa SaeAKB48 Team K33500
10Matsui RenaSKE48 Team S36929
09Sashihara RinoAKB48 Team A45227
08Itano TomomiAKB48 Team K50403
07Takahashi MinamiAKB48 Team A52790
06Kojima HarunaAKB48 Team A52920
05Watanabe MayuAKB48 Team B59118
04Shinoda MarikoAKB48 Team A60539
03Kashiwagi YukiAKB48 Team B74252
02Oshima YukoAKB48 Team K122843
01Maeda AtsukoAKB48 Team A139892

Read out commentary here:

Damn that chart took me a long while


Natalie (DSQ) said...

I really hope you guys do another election post like last year with the picture and stuff. That document was like my lifeline when I first joined the fandom!!

Melos125 said...

lol slow down slow down. We are working on it. That post takes time to finish because of all the comment sorting and translations and stuff. Should be up in about 2 hours or so.

yic17 said...

I knew it .. in the end, Acchan is the only one who can be the true face of AKB48!! =D

I am also really, really happy to see Yukirin as #3. She has recently become my #1 oshi!! =D

Melos125 said...

The commentary post is now up ^^


Have fun reading