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10 June 2011

AKB48's [Koko ni Ita Koto] hits 320k sales mark for first day

AKB48's album, ここにいたこと (Koko ni Ita Koto), reached the #1 position in the Daily ORICON sales chart, with 321,108 albums sold as it made its debut on the market today. #2 for the day was Ken Hirari's 'Japanese Singer', which also began its sales today, while #3 went to Shojo Jidai's 'Girls' Generation', which was on the charts since last week.

The group's previous albums have performed well too, where 神曲たち(Kamikyokutachi) made #1 when it sold over 294,000 units on its first day back in April 2010, and made a total of 517,000 units so far. Set List: Greatest Song Kazenban sold over 67,800 units on its debut day back in July 2010, and had thus sold a total of 150,000 units from then on.

Below are some songs that I personally enjoy from the album itself:

Track 1. 少女たちよ (Shojo Tachiyo)
The girls are back with another upbeat song after Everyday, Kachuusha! The song passes off a positive happy vibe to its listeners, so be sure to check it out for yourself. Maybe this song can change your mood if you're really feeling blue or down :D

Track 7. 人魚のバカンス (Ningyo no Vacance) / 高城亜樹、仁藤萌乃、横山由依、河西智美、北原里英、佐藤亜美菜、増田有華
Being a slow-tempo song that really brings out the relaxed mood, I really enjoy this song on my bus trips or when I'm just plainly chilling out. It also brings out the vocals to the members singing this song, so be sure to check it out!

Track 9. イイカゲンのススメ (Iikagen no Susume) / 片山陽加、小嶋陽菜、篠田麻里子、秋元才加、宮澤佐江、松井玲奈
This song is a mid-tempo one, and the feel it presents is slightly different from the other songs in the album.It gives off a slightly more powerful feel, especially at its chorus, but it still retains the sparkly factor that makes AKB48 so attractive.

Track 16. ここにいたこと (Koko no Ita koto) / AKB48+SKE48+SDN48+NMB48
This song is the result of all the sisters group coming together for the final track of the album! The choir-style song makes a great finale for the tracklist, as the slow tempo and harmony of the voices is sure to calm the mood down after an exciting album that has been put together. Great song in my opinion!

Of course, the album has other great tracks as well, but the ones mentioned above are the ones that I really like. Enough said, be your own judge, check out the album for yourself!

Lastly, the album is set to take #1 for the coming weekly charts as well. I'm sure AKS and the girls are really happy that the album is doing well. I am quite curious to how much the final sales would add up to, though. Have you gotten your copy yet?

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