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14 July 2011

AKB48 22nd Single [Flying Get] tracklist is out

Now that I have some free time...

The tracklist of AKB48's new Single Flying Get, to be released of August 24th, has been released.

The title track Flying Get is being used as the opening and ending theme for the golden time slot drama Hanazakari no Kimitachi e〜 Ikemen☆ Paradise〜 (Hana Kimi), which started airing on Fuji TV last Sunday. Senbatsu members for this Single was selected by an election back in June.

The common B-side song is Dakishimecha Ikenai, used as the theme song for AKB48's 3rd collaboration CM with travel agency HIS. TYPE A's exclusive B-side song is Seishun to Kizukanai mama, the ending theme for AKB48's recently ended yankee drama Majisuka Gakuen 2. TYPE B's is Aisu no Kuchizuke, the song used in the collaboration CM with Ezaki Glico (the one with CG Idol Eguchi Aimi).. And finally the Theater ver. exclusive song is Yasai Sister's Yasai Uranai for the collaboration CM with Kagome.

As for the DVDs, Each version of the Single (except theater of course) will get a PV each of the 3 songs on the CD. The PV for Flying Get has been revealed to be a drama titled [Akai Hachigatsu ~ Choujou Kessen] (Red August ~ Battle for the top), with a total of 51 mins in 3 different versions. The drama is said to have an eastern style fighting theme.

TYPE A will get all 3 versions, the [Flying Get part], which is the main PV and is approximately 18 mins long, the [Drama part] which includes the battle scenes and others, and finally the [Dancing part], of Flying Get. TYPE B will only get the [Flying Get part], but will also include a teaser preview of the drama in TYPE A, as well as a 27 mins long documentary of the AKB48 3rd Senbatsu Election.

OOOHHHHH First girls in helicopters (RIVER), then girls in tanks (Pinocchio Gun), and now we have girls in armor wielding swords spears and bows. This is going to be epic no matter what. SO EXCITE!!!!

Flying Get
Release Date: 24 August 2011
01. Flying Get
02. Dakishimecha Ikenai
03. Seishun to Kizukanai Mama
04. Flying Get (off vocal ver.)
05. Dakishimecha Ikenai (off vocal ver.)
06. Seishun to Kizukanai Mama (off vocal ver.)
01. Akai Hachigatsu ~Choujou Kessen (Flying Get Ver.)
02. Dakishimecha Ikenai (Music Video)
03. Seishun to Kizukanai Mama (Music Video)
04. Akai Hachigatsu ~Choujou Kessen (Drama Ver.)
05. Flying Get (Dancing Ver.)
01. Flying Get
02. Dakishimecha Ikenai
03. Aisu no Kuchizuke
04. Flying Get (off vocal ver.)
05. Dakishimecha Ikenai (off vocal ver.)
06. Aisu no Kuchizuke (off voccal ver.)
01. Akai Hachigatsu ~Choujou Kessen (Flying Get Ver.)
02. Dakishimecha Ikenai Music Video
03. Aisu no Kuchizuke Music Video
04. 3rd Senbatsu Election Documentary (26min. long)
05. Akai Hachigatsu ~Choujou Kessen (Preview)
Theater ver
01. Flying Get
02. Dakishimecha Ikenai
03. Yasai Uranai
04. Flying Get (off vocal ver.)
05. Dakishimecha Ikenai (off vocal ver.)
06. Yasai Uranai (off vocal ver.)

Senbatsu - Flying Get (フライングゲット)
AKB48 Team A: Maeda Atsuko, Shinoda Mariko, Kojima Haruna, Takahashi Minami, Sashihara Rino,Takajo Aki, Kuramochi Asuka
AKB48 Team K: Oshima Yuko, Itano Tomomi, Miyazawa Sae, Minegeshi Minami, Akimoto Sayaka, Yokoyama Yui
AKB48 Team B: Kashiwagi Yuki, Watabane Mayu, Kitahara Rie, Kasai Tomomi, Sato Amina, Masuda Yuka
SKE48 Team S: Matsui Rena, Matsui Jurina

Undergirls - Dakishimecha Ikenai (抱きしめちゃいけない)
AKB48 Team A: Nakagawa Haruka, Ota Aika, Oya Shizuka, Maeda Ami
AKB48 Team K: Umeda Ayaka, Nito Moeno, Matsui Sakiko, Fujie Reina
AKB48 Team B: Hirajima Natsumi, Miyazaki Miho, Komori Mika, Sato Sumire
AKB48 Team 4: Oba Mina, Ichikawa Miori
SKE48 Team S: Oya Masana, Suda Akari
SKE48 Team KII: Takayanagi Akane, Hata Sawako
NMB48 Team N: Yamamoto Sayaka

Seishun to Kitsukanai Mama (青春と気づかないまま)
Currently unknown

Aisu no Kuchizuke (アイスのくちづけ)
Currently unknown

Yasai Uranai (アイスのくちづけ)
Currently unknown

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