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11 August 2011

DiVA's 2nd Single [Cry] 1st Day Sales

Nearly 3 months (wow it's been that long?) after their debut single [Tsuki no Uragawa], DiVA released their 2nd single [Cry] today with some not impressive sales. 2nd place with 35k copies sold But i'm not surprised.

While Cry still at #2, which is quite good compared to many other artists, at 35k it is a drop of 7k compared to Tsuki no Uragawa which sold 42k on it's first day.

At 1st place was the Johnny's Entertainment group Kis-My-Ft2 with 175,239 copies of their first single [Everybody Go!] sold. While Johhny's group try to stay away from AKB48 release dates, the subgroups are still very vulnerable.

Another reason why their sales dropped, apart from a weaker song and olive green costumes, is that the single is in the middle of a massive OOO48 releated release spam. For every week since June 22nd, there was a release by one of the the AKB48 releated groups, subgroups or soloists. The reason why I say this affected sales is that fans do not just have enough money to support all the groups and have to give up on the smaller releases or those that do not have their favorites. Especially when the single at the end of the release spam is AKB48's Flying Get, which is a must get for those handshake event tickets.

SDN48 releases their 3rd single [MIN.MIN.MIN] next week and looks like they will be continuing the #2 streak (Warota7's Hetappi Wink last week got #2 for 1st day) because they will be up against yet another Johnny's Entertainment group, Kanjani 8.

Hopefully Cry's sales will go up in the next few days of the week. 

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