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08 September 2011

AKB48 23rd Single titled [Kaze wa Fuiteiru]

Catching up on posts while I was away

AKB48's 23rd Single, slated for release on October 26th, now has a title. It will be called [Kaze wa Fuiteiru] 「風は吹いている」, which in English means "the wind is blowing".

The title sounds like a ballad song. However according to what the girls have said, it will be a cool song, and "a side of AKB48 you've never seen before". I'm not too sure about the "side of AKB48 you've never seen before" part though... With AkiP repeating the whole release format of 2010, things gets quite predictable.

Not much else is known about Kaze wa Fuiteiru, but we do have some information of the other tracks. There will be 2 undergirls groups this time, opposed to the normal 1. Undergirls A has been said to be a cute song, and the PV is directed by the same person who did Dakishimecha Ikenai and Hetappi Wink. And nothing is know about Undergirls B.

The single will have 4 different versions: Type A, Type B limited, and Type A, Type B regular versions. Oh by the way, this is the single that contains the voting tickets for AKB48's biggest concert of the year, the Request Hour Setlist Best 100 2012. Which will not be held in Shibuya AX but instead in the Tokyo Dome City Hall if you haven't heard.

(by the way, the above picture is of Fūjin (風神), the Japanese god of the wind.)

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