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03 October 2011

Matsushita Yui graduates from SKE48

A little late. Finally found time to do this.

2 days ago on the 30th of September, Matsushita Yui from SKE48's Team S graduated from the group. For over a year and a half, she has been absent from SKE48 performances due to an injury to her leg. An operation took place on April 2010 and she has been in rehabilitation since then.
However, there still is one more operation, which is to remove the metal bolt inside her leg. Rehabilitation after that would take even longer. And so a month ago, she made an announcement. She choose to graduate instead of keeping everyone waiting.

Even after a month since the announcement, I still have not been able to get over this. Yuimin was one of my favourite members when I started following SKE48. Partially because she did a CM together with my AKB oshimen Sato Amina. I found her cute and started following her. From there, my affection for Yuimin grew larger and larger. She has an extremely great voice and although she speaks with a high pitch, she is capable of using her low tone, and does it quite well. She also has an extremely energetic personality and an amazing smile. It's rare not to see her smile. It's sad that we won't see that smile again.

Comments from the rest of the staff

Yuimin was one of the few girls I liked in SKE, so I was sad to hear about her graduation. I thought after such an extended period of time, management wanted to keep her, and she would come back, but in the end they still graduated her. We barely got to see her during her time in SKE, which is sad but can't be helped. I wish her all the best!

Yuimin was one of my favorite members in SKE. She is a great performer with a strong voice and a great girl. I was expecting her to come back soon, so seeing her leave instead is really, really sad. But I wish her all the best for the future and I hope her leg heals soon. Yuimin, ganbatte!

She is one of my favorite Team S girls, so it is sad for me to see her leave. Not only does Yuimin possess a great personality, the girl has an awesome voice and is extremely photogenic. I hope that she would one day return to the entertainment industry as a voice actress; she has the talent! I wish Yuimin nothing but the best in her future endeavors.

Lets all wish Yuimin a speedy recovery and a successful future. One of her dreams is to become a seiyuu. Let's hope she achieves that soon.

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