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14 January 2012

Watanabe Mayu Official Solo Website Opens!

All ye Mayuyu fans may now rejoice!! Watanabe Mayu's official solo website has opened today!!!

Official Website: http://www.watanabemayu.jp/index.html

It looks they have a really pretty and girly design planned for the site, as reflected on the index page.  I think they used a very sweet princessy photo of her, and I'm liking the faux-European theme they seem to have going on, with fancy frames and castles (not to mention the awkwardly placed Eiffel Tower...).

The Info page also now has some news on it, although the design is significantly more bare than the main page.  And the Profile page is just sad... there's not even a photo or anything, just like 2 lines of text...

So, clearly, it's still a site under development, but if everything takes on the theme of the main page, it'll definitely be very lovely.  I also hope that it does not continue to load incredibly slowly like it does for me right now...

And all this of course is in preparation for Mayuyu's solo debut [Synchro Tokimeki], to be released February 29th!! With the release of a solo website, it seems like her solo debut won't be a one-off thing.

Take a look at the additional screencaps of the other pages below:

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