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07 February 2012

Because You Were There for Me: Ota Aika

In this Shukan Asahi interview, Ota Aika talks about how her mother has helped her, though she found her mother to be naggy at first.

"Having A Strength That Couldn't Be Compared"
Translated by mammothb

Thanks to AKB making its big break, I became a lot busier as compared to when I first joined when I was a middle school year 1. But I became worried. If I were to be seperated from the "brand" known as AKB, what would I be left with? As I was climbing the mountain known as AKB, the society paid attention to me. But, someday, when I begin climbing my own mountain, would I gain any attention......? Saying such things when I'm only 16 years old may sound weird. But I feel worried about being charged with a task to realize my dream. I wonder what do I need to do to be able to become independent. I wonder if there are people who will give me support......

Stating the obvious, there are as many parents as there are members. Those it seems that most mothers don't interfere with the work AKB members do, my mother is very naggy. "Once you step out of the house, act more like someone who's in showbiz" "You look better with this kind of hairstyle" "The photo you posted on your blog isn't really cute"..... Why is she so strict to only me? It looks like my mother also aimed to become a singer. But even so, I am not my mother's substitute.

Last summer, when I was feeling irritated by the fact that I wasn't chosen as senbatsu, my mother said this to me.

"If you want to be chosen, then slim down."

Fans have also noticed this, I also felt that I ought to go on a diet. But as I was feeling annoyed at that moment, I replied, "Shut up, there are members who are fatter than me!"

Hearing that, she replied, "If you always compare with those worse than you, you can never improve."

My mother said that with a serious face, she knew that I always had this bad habit. Whenever I starting comparing with someone worse than me, my mother would say the same thing to me. But I don't want to be told that by someone who is neither a fan or a staff!

The next day, when I returned home, dinner was nothing but tomato dishes. Tomato soup, roasted tomato, goose stew with tomato and other elaborate dishes. And my mother explained, "I heard that lycopene is good for slimming down and it's also good for the body."

She asked for diet methods from her superiors at work and bought recipe books to come up with this meal even though she's busy with work everyday...... When I ate my first roasted tomato, somehow it tasted sweet. I thought it would be sour but it tasted sweet, kind of similar to my mother's personality......

Come to think of it, I've always been supported by my mother. She sends and fetches me from the train station, when I return home late at night, she would always enter the bath last, after me even though she has to wake up early the next day for work. If she has the time, she would come watch me at the theatre and give me advice. Her nagging is all for the sake of my future...... Even so, I thought she wasn't as kind as other members' mothers.

Just like how my mother is the only mother I have, there is only one Ota Aika in AKB. It's pointless to compare with anyone else...... I finally understood what my mother was trying to tell me.

It's been one month since I started the tomato diet. Before I know it, I've already lost 4kg. Both the diet and my mother's words take a while before the effect shows! (laughs)

From now on, I shall climb this mountain known as AKB with my mother, and look for another mountain to challenge when I've reached the top.

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