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05 March 2012

Because You Were There For Me: Takayanagi Akane

From Shukan Asahi's interview series, here SKE48 Team KII's Takayanagi Akane talks about her mother, how she changed her from an introverted person to the person she is now.

I Was Introverted, But My Mother's Magic Words Changed Me
Translated by emptystring

In September, we finally received from the staff a demo CD with original songs for our performance.

I carefully put that in my bag and hurried home, all the while resisting the urge to skip.

With AKB48 groups, a new team usually starts with existing setlists to gain experience before they are given original material for their performances.

I will not forget the day that I happily held hands with other members.

AKB48 group as a whole was very busy at that time and our new, original performance were postponed again and again.

It was difficult seeing team members' disappointments every time the performance was postponed.

To me, friends on a team is something I've always wanted but could never get.

And it was the same way with my mother.

I have not been able to make friends, starting at an early age.

When I was in kindergarten, my mother had to physically push me so I would play with other kids.

When I was in elementary school, I usually sat far away and watched everyone else play.

When school ended, I did not want my mother to worry about me, so there were days where I told her I was going out with some friends and left the house; but in reality I was alone until dark, hanging out on a swing.

Even in middle school and high school, I was not able to make any friends.

My mother always said "I want you to be good friends with everyone" to me when I leave the house in the morning, but I always went home crying because I couldn't make any friends.

It pains me to think about how she must have felt when she saw that.

So when I joined SKE48, I was very happy that I finally started making friends.

I love my mother, who is now happily looking at me being able to talk about this.

So it must have been stressful for her to see me feeling down during the past year, when our performance could not get off the ground.

When I felt depressed, she always gently cheered me up by saying, "it will start soon."

I made her worry about me again.

But all of that ended today!

When I got home, I put the CD into the stereo.

The music coming out from the speakers is beautiful. No one had performed these songs, as the lyrics were written specifically for our team.

We finally did it!

I cried after silently yelling in my heart. Then I heard someone crying behind me.

I turned and saw my mother wiping away tears.

She, just like everyone else, was patiently waiting for our new performance.

"Mom, this is our song."

"Yes, yes", she nodded with a smile on her face.

"Be nice to everyone."

Thank you, mom.

I am not alone anymore. So from now on I will always go home with a smile on my face.

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