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21 May 2012

[GUIDE] How to Vote for AKB48 27th Single Election [Through CD Only]

So the explanation video on how to vote has been released. I'll try to explain it you, how to vote for this year's election. The voting video isn't very difficult to understand either, so you may watch that as well.

This year's election system:

1-16: Senbatsu
17-32: Undergirls
33-48: Next Girls
49-64: Future Girls

You can both for this year's election in 10 ways:

1. Through purchase of 26th single [Manatsu no Sounds Good!] (you get a voting card inside the CD, 1 card per CD but only in Regular editions and Limited editions, you don't get a voting card in the theater edition)
2. Member of AKB48 official fan club
3. Member of AKB48 Mobile
4. Member of AKB48 official smart phone app
5. Member of SKE48 mobile
6. Member of NMB48 mobile
7. Member of HKT48 mobile
8. Subscriber to AKB48 Live on Demand!
9. Subscriber to SKE48 Live on Demand!
10. Subscriber to AKB48 OFFICIAL NET SERVICE.

Note: You only get to 1 vote per membership.
I'll be only showing you how you do it via the CD because for the others, you need a membership and also since this is mostly for international fans. But if you do have one, all you need to do is login through the respective site and vote.
Through the CD

1. You go to http://akb48-sousenkyo2012.jp (the site will open on the day voting starts)
2. You access the team member pages. Click on チームから検索.
3. Find the member whom you wish to vote for. 
4. There should be a two set of  numbers on your card like the one highlighted above. Punch those given numbers on the 2 boxes. The first line of number in the first box and second set of number in the below one.
5. Click on 「投票する」 after you've done that. And you're done!

The voting starts from May 22nd, 10 am JST till June 5th, 3 pm JST.

Hope this was helpful. Happy voting!

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