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06 June 2012

AKB48 27th Single Senbatsu Election - Final Results

The 4th Senbatsu General Election wrapped up just an hour ago, and the positions for AKB48's 27th Single, releasing on August 29th, are final. Let's take a look on the rankings. Some positions were quite obvious before the event even took place, while many more were quite unexpected, with members dropping as much as 30 ranks! Member positions are arranged in ascending order.

-----Future Girls line-----
64Komori MikaAKB48 Team B5,398
63Nakanishi YukaSKE48 Team S5,592
62Yakata MikiSKE48 Team KII5,606
61Sato SumireAKB48 Team B5,706
60Ogasawara MayuNMB48 Team N5,919
59Oya ShizukaAKB48 Team A5,933
58Ichikawa MioriAKB48 Team 45,963
57Oba MinaAKB48 Team 45,969
56Kimoto KanonSKE48 Team E5,982
55Nito MoenoAKB48 Team K6,025
54Yamauchi SuzuranAKB48 Team 46,027
53Matsui SakikoAKB48 Team K6,058
52Ota AikaAKB48 Team A6,140
51Kikuchi AyakaAKB48 Team K6,185
50Ishida HarukaAKB48 Team B6,333
49Muto TomuAKB48 Kenkyuusei6,428
-----Next Girls line-----
48Katayama HarukaAKB48 Team A6,602
47Miyawaki SakuraHKT48 Team H6,635
46Yamada NanaNMB48 Team N6,683
45Tano YukaAKB48 Team 46,694
44Nakagawa HarukaAKB48 Team A6,890
43Fukumoto AinaNMB48 Team N6,912
42Maeda AmiAKB48 Team A7,168
41Kobayashi KanaAKB48 Team B7,195
40Fujie ReinaAKB48 Team K7,782
39Nagao MariyaAKB48 Team 47,809
38Miyazaki MihoAKB48 Team B8,173
37Nakata ChisatoAKB48 Team A8,315
36Nakaya SayakaAKB48 Team A8,505
35Mukaida ManatsuSKE48 Team KII8,552
34Matsumura KaoriSKE48 Kenkyuusei9,030
33Iwasa MisakiAKB48 Team A9,297
-----Under Girls line-----
32Ogiso ShioriSKE48 Team KII9,596
31Kizaki YuriaSKE48 Team S10,554
30Furukawa AiriSKE48 Team KII11,179
29Suda AkariSKE48 Team S11,323
28Yagami KumiSKE48 Team S11,712
27Oya MasanaSKE48 Team S 12,142
26Masuda YukaAKB48 Team B13,166
25Hata SawakoSKE48 Team KII13,920
24Takayanagi AkaneSKE48 Team KII14,111
23Shimazaki HarukaAKB48 Team 414,633
22Kuramochi AsukaAKB48 Team A14,852
21Sato AminaAKB48 Team B17,009
20Akimoto SayakaAKB48 Team K19,121
19Watanabe MiyukiNMB48 Team N19,159
18Yamamoto SayakaNMB48 Team N23,020
17Takajo AkiAKB48 Team A23,083
-----Senbatsu line-----
16Umeda AyakaAKB48 Team K24,522
15Yokoyama YuiAKB48 Team K25,541
14Minegishi MinamiAKB48 Team K26,038
13Kitahara RieAKB48 Team B26,531
12Kasai TomomiAKB48 Team B27,005
11Miyazawa SaeAKB48 Team K40,261
10Matsui RenaSKE48 Team S42,030
09Matsui JurinaSKE48 Team S45,747
08Itano TomomiAKB48 Team K50,483
07Kojima HarunaAKB48 Team A54,483
06Takahashi MinamiAKB48 Team A65,480
05Shinoda MarikoAKB48 Team A67,017
04Sashihara RinoAKB48 Team A67,339
03Kashiwagi YukiAKB48 Team B71,076
02Watanabe MayuAKB48 Team B72,574
01Oshima YukoAKB48 Team K108,837

As expected, without Acchan in the competition there wasn't anyone that could stand up against the might of Yuko. Although there is one thing I'm curious about. Compared to last year's votes, Yuko's votes decreased by 20k. Is it because that since Acchan wasn't participating, there wasn't much of a need to mass vote? Well whatever the reason, Yuko has taken back the center position, the 2nd time for her. Much congratulations to her.

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