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19 October 2012

NMB48 Team N Matsuda Shiori to Graduate

NMB48 Team N member Matsuda Shiori has announced on October 18 that she will graduate from the group. The reason is that she does not feel completely commited anymore and wants to be a normal girl again. Her graduation show will be on October 24.

Matsuda Shiori is a 1st Generation member of NMB48 and an original member of Team N. She had to take a break from her activities from September to December last year when she was suspended but resumed her activities from January 2012 on after a fan voting.

Shiokichi is only the second Team N member to graduate, following Mori Ayaka who graduated in June 2011. But she is already the fifth (!) NMB48 member to leave in the past few weeks.

Matsuda Shiori's Comment to her fans:
Original Message
I, Matsuda Shiori, will graduate from NMB48.
For already a little while I did not have the confidence to continue my activities in NMB48 like this and I was worrying that it might be better to focus on my studies and return to being a normal girl again.
I think to continue my activities with this halfhearted feelings is a nuisance to the members and the fans who supported me and thought that this will also show in my performance. I was really happy for being able to work in NMB48 until now and it was fun. I was able to do a lot of things you normally can't experience, I was able to meet a lot of people, and both the fun things and the hard things are all memories.
I don't regret neither auditioning nor graduating.
I am really thankful to everyone who has supported me until now: all members, all fans, all staff members, my family and friends.
Thank you.

I cannot say I am surprised. Shiokichi did not get much attention or spotlight since she came back. It makes me sad she is leaving. I wish her all the best for her future.

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