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12 June 2013

Fan Vote to Decide Stages for New SKE48 Teams

SKE48 have announced that the three New Teams, as shuffled at the Gaichi Hall concerts on 13th April 2013 will start performing new stages from July. Rather than being new original stages, these stages will be stages previously performed by AKB48.

The three new teams had performed together at the Nippon Budokan concert on the 25th April but the old teams have continued to perform their current stages in the theatre.

The captains of the new teams, Team S: Nakanishi Yuka, Team KII: Takayanagi Akane, and Team E: Matsui Rena, together with staff and management, came up with a shortlist of which previous AKB48 stage each team will perform. These are:

New Team S:
A4th [Tadaima Renaichu]
K4th [Saishuu Bell ga Naru]
K6th [RESET]
New Team KII:
A5th [Renai Kinshi Jourei]
A6th [Mokugekisha]
B5th [Theater no Megami]
New Team E:
A4th [Tadaima Renaichu]
H1st [Boku no Taiyou]
H2nd [Yume wo Shinaseru Wake ni Ikanai]

The voting period will be from 13-15 June 2013 and the voting will be open to SKE48 Mobile Fanclub members and SKE48 Live On Demand subscribers. The announcement of the result of the vote will be on the first day of the new performances, scheduled for late July.

Official voting website: http://www.ske48.co.jp/20130613_new_team_vote/

Watch the announcement of the stage vote here:

See details of the three new teams here: SKE48 Team Shuffle.

Additional details of which teams have previously performed the proposed stages:

New Team S
[Tadaima Renaichu] - AKB48 Team A 4th Stage, AKB48 Kenkyuusei 1st Stage
[Saishuu Bell ga Naru] - AKB48 Team K 4th Stage,
[RESET] - AKB48 Team K 6th Stage, AKB48 Kenkyuusei 5th Stage

New Team KII
[Renai Kinshi Jourei] - AKB48 Team A 5th Stage, AKB48 Kenkyuusei 3rd Stage, JKT48 Team J 1st Stage
[Mokugekisha] - AKB48 Team A 6th Stage
[Theater no Megami] - AKB48 Team B 5th Stage, AKB48 Kenkyuusei 4th Stage

New Team E
[Tadaima Renaichu] - AKB48 Team A 4th Stage, AKB48 Kenkyuusei 1st Stage
[Boku no Taiyou] - AKB48 Himawarigumi 1st Stage, AKB48 Team 4 1st Stage, AKB48 Kenkyuusei 6th Stage, JKT48 Kenkyuusei 2nd Stage
[Yume wo Shinaseru Wake ni Ikanai] - AKB48 Himawarigumi 2nd Stage

It's good that the New Teams will come into action, and not surprising that they don't get original stages, given the lack of them in all of the AKB48 groups. However, with the AKB48 and HKT48 Teams getting "waiting stages" comprising of new setlists containing old songs, SKE48 buck this trend by performing actual previous stages.

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