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15 June 2013

Graduation Ceremonies set for Shinoda Mariko, Akimoto Sayaka, Itano Tomomi + Maeda Atsuko Dome Appearance

The official AKB48 blog has announced some new details of their Five Dome Tour. There will be graduation ceremonies for Shinoda Mariko, Akimoto Sayaka, and Itano Tomomi at three of the 11 concerts. The last handshake events for these three members has been set for 7th July 2013. Graduation theatre performances will be announced at a later date.

In addition, graduated ace Maeda Atsuko is set to appear at the Sapporo Dome concert! She recently tweeted that she was recording a music video overseas. AKS states that her 3rd single will be released in September and that she will perform her new single (and possibly) more at the concert.

The official blog post also announced that a new unit will debut at the Sapporo Dome concert as well.

Full dates of the dome concerts and special events:

  20 July 2013
  21 July 2013
  31 July 2013
  7 August 2013
  8 August 2013
  16 August 2013
  17 August 2013
  22 August 2013
  23 August 2013
  24 August 2013
  25 August 2013

  Shinoda Mariko graduation ceremony
  Maeda Atsuko appearance, and new unit debut

  Akimoto Sayaka graduation ceremony

  Itano Tomomi graduation ceremony

It's sad to see these three prominent members of AKB48 leave in such a short space of time. The new unit announcement is strange, as the sub-units seem to be dead nowadays, with the focus of soloists instead. The return of Acchan to an AKB48 stage is a big surprise, and follows on from her appearance in The Return Of Team Surprise. I don't know what association she has with Sapporo apart from appearing in some Sapporo Beer adverts. She is looking really great recently though, and I'm looking forward to her musical activies.

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