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13 June 2013

Miyazawa Sae Withdraws From Team K Concurrent Position

During the AKB48 32nd Single Senbatsu Election held last weekend at Nissan Stadium, SNH48's Miyazawa Sae took 10th place and during her speech, she announced that she does not wish to become a concurrent member in Team K.

Sae's concurrent membership between SNH48 and Team K was announced in April earlier this year, at the finale of the AKB48 Group Rinji Soukai concert held in Nippon Budokan. Before that she was just a member of SNH48, after being transferred full-time during AKB48's Tokyo Dome concert in August 2012.

This is the first time a member has rejected their concurrent position, it is not clear if her request will make it through. As of time of posting, her profile on the AKB48 Official Website is still up and still notes her as a concurrent member of AKB48 Team K and SNH48.

Miyazawa Sae and Suzuki Mariya, even though being fully transferred to SNH48 nearly a year ago, have not performed together with SNH48 even once due to problems getting their getting work permits. They have only made occasional appearances with SNH48 including the recent [Pray for Ya’an, Star Flowers Blooming For You] Concert where they appeared in one MC.

Miyazawa Sae 10th Rank Speech (and announcement)
Translated by: Miss Moonlight
"Thanks so much to all who have supported me until today. This past year was a year of changes for me. I made a lot of decisions, and there were also times it was so frustrating that I wanted to run away. But what encouraged me to move forward at such times was last year's election result. Last year's bond between me and my fans and the great amount of love from them. This helped me and even at the time when I got a concurrent position and couldn't really make a move forward, this encouraged me. Currently there is talk about the "new generation" of AKB, and indeed they are all cute and in good shape. But when it comes to what is most important in the 48 group "to give your all/work with all might" and to perform, I think I still don't lose to my kouhai. And I have a sudden annoucement. Recently my concurrent position in AKB48 was announced at the Budoukan concert, but I want to only work as SNH48 from now on. Their potential is still not visible at all and I also don't know when I will be able to stand with them together on a stage, but I don't want to show an uncool side of me, so I want to put all my power into SNH48 alone. Since I was chosen Senbatsu I am going to show a lot of the new me in the next single so that my fans and all those who support the 48 group will come tho think that Miyazawa Sae is necessary in Senbatsu. That's how I am, so please continue to support me. And thank you so much. 
(Host: When did you decide to focus on SNH48 alone?) Just now. Right here. I heard that SNH48 members will come here today and seeing them I came to think that I want to do my best together with them. To be honest, you cannot yet see any progress in SNH48. That's why I will make them progress!"

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