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02 February 2014

NMB48's Umehara Mako Announces Graduation

On January 31st, Team BII member Umehara Mako has announced that she will graduate from NMB48 because she wants to pursue a different dream and  focus on her studies. A date for her graduation show is yet to be decided.

Umehara Mako joined NMB48 in early 2012 as a 3rd Generation member. She was selected as a member of Team BII in October of the same year and is now the first member of this team who graduates.

Umehara Mako's graduation announcement
Original Message
I, Umehara Mako, will graduate from NMB48.
While experiencing different activities in NMB48, my feelings toward another dream I have had for a long time now have become stronger.
I often thought that I somehow might be able to pursue this other dream even if I continued my activities in NMB48 the way I did until now. But, judging from my character, it would be difficult to balance it with my activities in NMB48 and I think I might end up doing both things half-heartedly.
As a result of worrying and thinking a lot, I made the decision to graduate NMB48 and to move towards my other dream.
Starting this spring, I will be a high school student. Facing towards my dream, I will also do my best at studying from now on.
To all those who supported and encouraged me all this time even though I have never been selected for senbatsu: thank you so much. The fact that I have been part of NMB48 and all the people who supported me until now are a big fortune for me.
There will be only little time for me left in NMB48 but please support me.

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