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17 July 2014

SKE48 Goto Mayuko Announces Graduation

SKE48 Kenkyuusei Goto Mayuko announced her graduation from the group on July 12th during her birthday show. She will have her graduation show on July 29th one day before Owaki Arisa's graduation show.

Goto Mayuko joined SKE48 as part of the 6th Generation in spring 2013.She is the 8th member of the 6th generation to leave.

Goto Mayuko's Graduation Announcement
Original Message
Thank you for holding this wonderful (birthday) show today. Truthfully speaking, this show, this wonderful show, might not have happened (note: referring to the fact that there were no SKE48 Kenkyuusei shows for a while so she did not get a birthday show around her actual birthday, May 31st). But because there were a lot of people who told us at handshake events and in G+ comments and in letters that they will wait for the day when we can do a theater show with all Kenkyuusei, I can now have my birthday show.
I am really happy but, well, to be honest during the time when there were no shows I was full of sorry feelings and frustrating feelings. That is why I am really thankful from the bottom of my heart for being able to perform shows and to hold a birthday show. Since the Seifuku no Me show ended about 3 months have passed. When there were no shows, I really didn't know what to do and for the time being I just went to school normally and with every single day that passed I felt like SKE48 became something more and more distant from me.
But these three months were also an important time in which I was able to face myself. Since I was little I never continued no matter what I started and I caused a lot of trouble to my father and mother and a lot of other people. But in order to not regret anything later I constantly spoke out about what I really wanted to do at the time and that I want to do the things I really felt were fun from the bottom of my heart. Those things I did after speaking so were not all right. I also had a lot of failures and regrets.
But my way of thinking hasn't changed. So one day when I was in my first year of high school I found a life called 'SKE48'. To be honest, it was a completely different world than I had imagined, and I think that there were much more hard things than fun things. But being on stage was so much fun that I forgot all hard and painful things and I could recklessly give my best.
I was really happy when I was with you all. But, I am still searching for something I really want to do. That I am still searching means that SKE48 wasn't right for me, I think. Also, at the moment there is a lot of talking about future paths at school and so I started to think  a lot about my future too. I talked to my teachers at school a lot, and I came to think that I want to learn about beauty (care). Because of that, I want to face and follow the path I have decided.
That's why, after about one and a half years I will graduate SKE48 at the end of July. On this way that I will follow from now on I want to do my best until the end without giving up no matter how hard it will be. So I would be happy if you supported me until the end. Well, having to announce it in this way, looking into the faces of the fans who seemed so happy from the opening on, it became harder and harder for me and it became really difficult to say it. But please support me until the end.
Thank you so much for today.

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